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MyTrainingPlan is developed to allow you to build your training schedule with ease and stay focused on it. A training plan is tremendously valuable because it gives a purpose to your workouts. Because achieving fitness objectives is measured in weeks and months (not in days), it is easy to lose sight of the fitness goal " not to mention to become bored and quit " without some direction. MyTrainingPlan helps you to getting the most out of your workouts: MyTrainingPlan allows you to build a training plan spanning weeks and months, even years. This gives you the direction to successfully achieve your fitness goals. You can download existing training plans right into your device and start using MyTrainingPlan within minutes. You can customize those plans (make them easier or harder, longer or shorter) or even build your own from scratch. A Today plug-in is provided to remind you of your daily training, eliminating any guesswork regarding your workouts. You can export and email us your training plan and have it posted on this web site for other sport enthusiasts to use it. You can email us your plan if you would like us to transform it into a downloadable training plan (see instructions below). MyTrainingPlan is specifically designed for the Pocket PC. It features a Today plug-in, a clean Pocket PC look-and-feel, an intuitive user interface and is fully customizable (it even uses your devices regional settings for the date and time). If you are serious about your training and you want to see results, download MyTrainingPlan to guide you toward your peak fitness. Related Product

MyTrainingPlan is developed to allow you to ...

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  • MyTrainingPlan
  • 2.03
  • VidaOne Inc
  • Windows CE
  • Shareware
  • 401 Kb
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  • $19.95

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