Machine Scanner Component Database v.4.2


Effortless agent-less remote discovery, management and monitoring of assetsThe Machine Scanner Component Database is aimed at management of any server, workstation, laptop or network equipment (over 1700 types of device supported) on any scale, continually scanning subnets using parallel processing and multi-threading technology to ensure that the data gathering, management and monitoring jobs run as close to real time as possible.The Machine Scanner CMDB system can:d-deD? Gather informationd-deD? Store manually input data per device found (similar to an inventory database)d-deD? Sort the discovered devices (in accordance to your preferences)d-deD? Monitor thousands of types of criteriad-deD? Run any number of rules, scripts or packages against all or defined lists of devicesThis type of power and granularity is exploded onto a system that connects to multiple devices all at once, and all with no client installation. (All management, monitoring and data gathering is completed remotely.) This introduces a new higher level of management to any operational team looking after multiple machines.The unique design of the Machine Scanner CMDB system enables it to outperform any other tool of its kind by parallel processing across one or several scanning machines (up to 100). This allows for thousands of processes for a Domain or Forrest of any size. The design also caters for different types of network layers, enabling infrastructure architects to build the system into their networks even through and behind firewalls.The Machine Scanner CMDB has recently become the preferred management and monitoring system for major blue chip companies and has saved these companies thousands of person hours and ultimately millions of pounds and dollars in component management and auditing.Get Machine Scanner Component Database and take it for a test drive to check out its capabilities!Here are some key features of "Machine Scanner Component Database":dlTE Discovery of components across all subnets (including behind firewalls).dlTE Fast discovery. (The speed can be varied upon infrastructure demands.)dlTE Fast management. (Any component or all components can be probed within seconds.)dlTE Scalability. (The system can be grown to scan a network of any size.)dlTE Information gathering.dlTE Exemptions. (Any component or groups of components can be made exempt.)dlTE Component groups. (Discovered components can be grouped and managed and monitored as part of that group.)dlTE Data storing. (The system can hold individual pieces of information per component.)dlTE Store data gathered on files.dlTE Graph performance, storage device and network statistic data.dlTE Fast discovery on the network. (Results will be returned within minutes, not hours.)dlTE Advanced filtering on all discovered data for operation analytical overviews.dlTE Web front end, open access to all to view the information gathereddlTE Highly secure administration of system and web front end (uses AES rijndael encryption)dlTE Total system administration via web front enddlTE Parallel processing, multi-threaded services and applications to manage, scan and monitor the subnets gathering data and executing configurable rules or reporting on configurable monitors within minutesdlTE One-click installation for adding new d-de?Scanning Machinesd-deOao to meet growing requirementsdlTE Graphical and tabular data representations for optimal visual analysisdlTE Advanced query search on all data for optimal detailed analysisdlTE Varying user permissions to allow maintenance of data within boundariesdlTE Store information against individually discovered componentsdlTE Email alerting functionality if rules or monitors are not metdlTE Non-client basedLimitations:dlTE The Software may only be used with one Scanning Machine.dlTE Only up to 10,000 machines can be scanned using the Software.dlTE Monitors, Rules, Hardware and Perfmon data collection are not permitted.

Effortless agent-less remote discovery, ... Machine Scanner Component Database 4.

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