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LiveZilla, the Next Generation Live Help and Live Support System connects you to your website visitors. Use LiveZilla to provide Live Chats and monitor your website visitors in real-time. Convert visitors to customers - with LiveZilla! It's FreewareLiveZilla is freeware. No monthly costs, no setup fees.Real-Time Visitor MonitoringLiveZilla's integrated real-time visitor monitoring feature enables you to see instantly, whod-deOaos on your site. See who referred your visitors, where your visitors are from, what keywords were used to find your site and the path by which they navigate your website. Gather valuable marketing information and interact with your site. Your Operators can fully customize the visitor view inside the LiveZilla Client to include critical information such as:dlT¬ Navigation history dlT¬ Referral Information dlT¬ Geo Location (Country,Region,City)dlT¬ Landing page dlT¬ Last active time dlT¬ Time on site (for each page)dlT¬ Timezone dlT¬ Number of pages visited dlT¬ Screen resolutiondlT¬ Network name dlT¬ Browser (type and version) dlT¬ Operating System (type and version)LiveZilla GeoTrackingLiveZilla is able to resolute the Geo Location (based on IP-to-location) for the visitors on your website. See the visitors Hometown, the regarding Region and the Country. Each visitor is displayed on a zoomable World Map (powered by Google MapsdlT«). The visitors you are currently chatting with will be highlighted.Event-Based / Automatic Actions (Chat Invitations, Website-Pushs, Sounds, Alerts)LiveZilla's integrated event engine allows you to automatically, easily and flexibly ...dlT¬ Send Chat Invitations (Pro-Active Chats),dlT¬ Play a Sound or show a Message Box (to operators and/or website visitors),dlT¬ Forward the visitor (Website-Push) to another URL... whenever a certain URL is being accessed by one of your website visitors. LiveZilla Offline MessagesLiveZilla is the perfect contact platform, even when your are offline. Using a simple online web form, your visitors can leave you a message whenever they need your help.LiveZilla RatingsRatings will give you valuable feedback directly from your customers / website visitors. Learn how to improve the support you provide and increase customer satisfaction.Live Help / Live Chat / Live SupportUse Live Chats / Live Help to get in touch with every visitor of your website. Ask visitors whether they need help and increase sales and customer satisfaction. Provide premium customer service by chatting live with your customers and give direct assistance where it's needed.Live Chat can relieve your service department notable. As you can handle 3-5 chats easily at the same time you will work much more efficient compared with answering questions by phone.LiveZilla also offers a great solution for communication needs inside of your company. Service workers as well as every other employee can save a lot of time and money by talking to each other directly.Customization and BrandingUse your own Logos and Banners to attract visitors attention. You can even apply your complete company CI/CD and design the open source LiveZilla WebClient the way you like it. It's also possible to add functions and / or modify the way it works.LiveZilla Desktop Client for WindowsdlT«LiveZilla Desktop Client is Application for WindowsdlT« which enables you to "connect" with your website. The Desktop Client is used to monitor all visitors on your website and chat with your visitors, other supporters, employees, partners or friends.Providing many configurable options, the Desktop Client Application can be fully customized to meet the needs of each user. The client starts with WindowsdlT«, detects your current status (Idle Detection) and can run in WindowsdlT« Tray (the small area in the bottom right corner of the screen, near the clock) when it's not needed. When you receive a chat requests, a notification will pop up from the System Tray automatically and you will be able to respond to the chat instantly.LiveZilla Server Admin for WindowsdlT«One of the major advantages of using LiveZilla is the ability to run your own (LiveZilla) Live Support Server. As an own server enables you to keep sensitive information "inhouse", save a lot of money and stay fully independent to third parties it's a superior solution.Installation of the LiveZilla Server is fast and easy using the provided LiveZilla Server Admin application. Based on wizards your own LiveZilla Server will be created in a few steps. No need to edit files by hand! The integrated FTP Engine will even upload the files to your webserver. But the LiveZilla Server Admin can do even more for you. You can remote administrate your servers, create users and groups, and run server functionality tests. The LiveZilla Server Admin also provides the Link Generator which creates perfect fitting Chat Buttons for your websites. Resource Management / Canned MessagesA smart and mighty resource managament makes LiveZilla Live Support very efficient. Store answers to common questions as well as files to respond to needs of your visitors. Every resource can be drag and dropped in the chatfield of the regarding receiver. Questions have never been answered that fast!Resources can be organzied hierarchically for easy access.To increase the legibility full HTML formatting is possible with the integrated HTML-EditorSecurity FilterIn order to make sure that supporters are not been harassed by vicious visitors, LiveZilla comes with an integrated filter system which is based on multiple criterias.SSL SupportLiveZilla is able to communicate using the Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL). This protocol encrypts all transmitted data for security reasons.Custom Chat Input FieldsCreate your very own chat login form based on the default input fields (Name, Email, Company, Question) and up to 10 additional chat input fields like Phone, Customer Number or any other information you may require. You can setup different chat login forms, one for each of your departments. All input fields can be set as mandatory or optional. Webcam SupportLiveZilla comes with Webcam Support for personalized chats and increased customer retention.File Transfers / File ManagementSend files to website visitors, departments or co-workers. Easily drag & drop files from the canned resources into the chat field and the link to the file will be sent to your chat partner.Minimum Server RequirementsWebserver (IIS, Apache or ...) with PHP (5 or greater) and MySQL (5 or greater).

LiveZilla, the Next Generation Live Help and ...

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