EMCO Remote Shutdown Starter Edition v.2.3.1


Do you know that every additional hour of one PC work during the year costs you $3 or more depending on prices of your energy supplier? Multiply this by the number of PCs in your network and number of idle hours per day and you get the total amount of expenses that can be saved. By reducing of PCs power on time you can also prevent various hardware problems, such as overheating and as the result prolong the life of PCs.Saving of energy costs is only one part of the story. Reducing of power consumption can make your organization greener and help our planet to stay green. For example, reducing power on time of 10 000 PC on 1 hour per day can save 182 500 kWh every year that equal to: * CO2 emission reduction on 82 metric tons * 25 cars not driven per year * 53 134 saved liters of gasolineDo you want to improve power management in your organization? EMCO Remote Shutdown will help you to manage remote PCs, simplify administrative and management tasks and save costs as well.Remote Power SwitchIt's easy to shutdown or reboot the computer which you currently use, right? But if you need to do the same for all PCs in your organization, it can become a problem. EMCO Remote Shutdown allows you to manage state of all PCs in your local network with similar efforts required to manage state of the computer which you currently use.How it works? It's really easy and requires just few actions. First of all you need to create a job and define the type of operation, which you want to execute. For example, you can select Power Off operation to turn off the power on remote computers. Then you need to define PCs where this job will be executed. To get the list of available PCs in the local network you can launch fast automatic network scan. When scan will be completed you can select required PCs and add them to the machine queue. Finally, you can execute job immediately or define a schedule when it should be executed. The whole process of job creation and execution is really fast - it takes few seconds for networks with thousands of PCs.Key Features * Ability to remotely manage PCs state both in a domain and in a workgroup. No any specific requirements. * Execution of Reboot and Shutdown operations on one or group of remote PCs without installing any client-side software. * Support extended set of operations with remote PCs if remote Agent is used: Log Off, Power Off, Reboot, Shutdown, Wakeup On Lan, Lock and Unlock of mouse and keyboard. * Notification features: sending message to remote PCs before execution of operation and receiving e-mail confirmation about operation completion. * Operations scheduling: start/end date definition, execution options - once, repeat by minute, repeat by hour, weekly on defined days, monthly. * Execution of custom command-line tasks on the remote PCs before performing required action. Why EMCO Remote Shutdown?As you may know starting from Windows NT4 shutdown utility is a part of Windows distribution. Using this utility you can reboot or shutdown remote computers. If so, why should you use EMCO Remote Shutdown?Standard approach has a set of limitations. In particular, you can use limited set of operations: Shutdown and Reboot only. But EMCO Remote Shutdown allows you to install secure remote Agent to remote PCs and benefit from using extended operations set. Installation process is automatic and straightforward and doesn't require any efforts from your side. When Agent is installed, you can use following operations: * Log Off that force exit for current logged user * Power Off that makes shutdown and physically power off the PC * Lock and Unlock keyboard and mouse * Launch any custom command before executing of remote operationAdvantages are not limited by support of extended operations. EMCO Remote Shutdown is a fully-functional tool rather than utility and you can benefit from other features like job definitions, their scheduling, logs, notifications and other useful things.

Do you know that every additional hour of one ...

  • EMCO Remote Shutdown Starter Edition
  • 2.3.1
  • EMCO Software
  • Win Vista, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Shareware
  • 7.7 Mb
  • 188
  • $59.00

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