Content Filtering Proxy SafeSquid ntlm.RC v.4.0.4

SafeSquid is An Internet Proxy* that allows Total Access Control* that allows Total Content Security* that allows easy scalability in really large environments.* and most importantly, easy to implement, manage and tweak, as per every-day needs.As an Internet Proxy SafeSquid supports* transparent proxying, as well as the Opaque-mode & WPAD.* creation Profiles that allows the administrators to - allocate time and cumulative bandwidth - to users / networks* access controlprofiles* user Authentication via PAM.SafeSquid offers the most advanced possibilities in content filtering.* It can use your favourite antivirus software for virus filtering* It can block pornography, by analysing text and images from any web-page, including webmail services like Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.* It can stop people from querying search engines for pornography or jobs, etc.* It can stop people from logging into personal email sites, or forums & blogs, or instant messengers & chats.* It can stop people from uploading or downloading huge files.* It can block pop-ups, spyware, or any other malicious content.* It can stop downloads of software, or music, or movies etc.* It can use categorised web-site databases to allow and Deny Access.SafeSquid has a built-in browser-based interface,* A GUI that anybody with even Minimal technical understanding can manage.* The salient feature of this interface is it's context-sensitive tool-tip help.* SafeSquid is singularly unique in this tool-tip system. The users can themselves change the displayed tool-tips, just in case they have better words to interpret a function.SafeSquid by design has an extremely scalable architecture -* multi-threaded design with very fine-grained locking allows maximum utilization of SMP systems.* a client connection pool so that the number of threads in use at any time roug

SafeSquid is An Internet Proxy* that allows ...

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