Bauk HTTP server v.2.0.20


Bauk HTTP Server is free, open-source, fully HTTP/1.1 compliant web server providing extensive list of features, configurability, security and unmatched performance.Due to it's advanced architecture Bauk provides 2 times higher performance than other single/multi process HTTP servers, includes features such as Virtual Hosts, Virtual Host aliases, hostname matching ie. '*', resource quotas/limits (ie. bandwidth, connections etc.), content negotiation, HTTP authentication, file caching, great number of configuration options, and many other. See Features for complete list of supported features.Bauk HTTP server includes full support for PHP, Perl, server-side javascript, Python and Tcl, providing the power of script-enabled pages and database integration (ie. PHP +MySQL|PostgreSQL|SQLite, Perl +MySQL|Oracle|SQLite). Dynamic pages execution environment is provided by Bauk HTTP server's Grom connector (connector module in charge of establishing/maintaining connections Between persistent interpreters and Bauk web server).Bauk HTTP server featureBauk HTTP server 2.0.15* full HTTP/1.1 standard compliance* full CGI/1.1 standard compliance* support for dynamic content: PHP, Perl, server-side javascript, Python and Tcl* OS support: Linux and *BSD systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc.)* 32bit/64bit support - HTTP service on 32bit and 64bit CPUs/operating systems* SSL/TLS support for secure/encrypted connections* large files support - serve files larger than 4GB over HTTP, ie. 10, 20, 30GB etc.* large file uploads - supports uploads larger than 4GB ie. 5, 10, 20GB etc.* VirtualHost support, capable of serving unlimited number of VirtualHosts with no performance penalty* single-process architecture: includes extreme performance, low resource consumption and ability to serve unlimited number of simultaneous HTTP connections with no performance penalty

Bauk HTTP Server is free, open-source, fully ...

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  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
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