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AddWit Team Messenger 1.01 is a new messaging, collaboration and text / media conferencing tool designed specifically for professional teams and groups, which offers the familiar instant messaging and online presence services while maintaining privacy, confidentiality, security and compliance. TeamMessenger suits all types of teams working locally within the intranet, remotely over the web, or on a partner extranet. TeamMessenger suits all types of teams working locally or as a virtual team, within the intranet or across partner extranet. The secure messaging server is located on your computers - no external service provider is needed TeamMessenger instant messaging server is free, including 3 free instant messenger user licenses. Technology and standards TeamMessenger has been tested and certified by Microsoft, passing 7 stringent compatibility tests. It is based on the newest software development tools and integration frameworks from Microsoft: The C# language, .net Framework 3.5 and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).Network protocolsChoice of HTTP and / or TCP protocols for easy management of firewall traversalConfigurable ports (default ports HTTP: 96 and TCP: 97)User authentication and authorisation optionsWindows authentication (local accounts and/or Active Directory) or internal database authentication (optionally stored on a SQL Server database)Windows Group-based authorisation and/or internal user list (by username and optionally computer name)SecurityCommunications are encrypted using 256-bit Triple-DES based encryption, leveraging the Windows Communications Framework securityIntegrationTeamMessenger online presence uses Smart Tags (Microsoft name control) and works with e.g. SharePoint 2007 or Windows Live services (requires that at least one Microsoft Office 2007 application is installed on the Client computer, this may be any of e.g. Outlook 2007, Word 2007, Excel 2007 etc.)Major Features:Team communication and online project collaboration. Typical users of TeamMessenger include Project Teams, Customer Services, Support Teams, Sales Organisations, Partner Programmes, Research Teams and Collaborative Virtual Teams inside and across organisations, amongst many others. TeamMessenger also allows organisations in the Educational and Care sectors to roll out a private and safe communication system to vulnerable users.Works together with existing collaboration applications and tools. TeamMessenger works with many presence-aware office applications and browser-based collaboration tools, displaying "Presence indicators" and providing one-click messaging from e.g. Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 and Office Live sites, and many other applications that incorporate "Smart Tags". In fact, most browser-based custom applications such as intranet sites, Content Management tools, Knowledge Management systems, Project Management applications and Voice Conferencing / VoIP applications can be easily extended to show Smart Tags.Private and secure Instant Messaging and remote working. Public communications systems " from telephone to email and messaging " are vulnerable to snooping and interception. Service providers in many countries are obliged by law to collect and store information about who you have contacted, some routinely scan your messages to build "profiles" for marketing and advertising purposes. That is even before considering the risks of cyber-crime from wire-tappers to phishing scams and malware distributors. Unlike public messaging services, TeamMessenger is a private and secure online meeting tool completely controlled by you. It runs on your computers, and you connect to it from either the internal network or through a secure channel when outside the office. No information is sent in the open, and none whatsoever is sent anywhere outside of your control:Keep all communications private and secure whether inside or out of the officeSecure remote workingBe certain of the identity of who you talk toMaintain logs of your own conversations, for future reference and complianceEnsure adherence to your IT policy and data security regulationsNo risk of unauthorised use, spam, malware or anonymous bullying.Proven and safe, Microsoft certified. TeamMessenger has been developed in the UK by AddWit Limited, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and tested and certified by Microsoft. It has passed a total of 7 stringent certification tests.Simplicity and compatibility. TeamMessenger works on Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008, and does not require a dedicated computer for the secure messaging server (although with large numbers of users a Windows Server 2003 or 2008 is recommended). The Windows im client application may be pre-configured for automatic set-up, or activated by the users themselves by simply entering the server name during set-up. Installation of the Microsoft im server application can usually be done in minutes without requiring technical skills, even the optional user database (SQL Server or Express) is created automatically.Low cost, excellent ROI. With free IM Server and from less than $5 per user client license, TeamMessenger provides immediate return of investment in saving time, replacing phone calls and reducing emails and their storage space requirementsContacts with in-out board. Manage personal contacts for quick one-click messaging. "Buddy-check" at a glance who is in and available, start IM Chat with a clickMultiple participants, multiple discussions. Conference one to one or many to many, keep open several discussions at the same time and tab between discussionsFile sharing and multimedia broadcast. Share files in discussions. Send and play pictures, video, and sound recordings during discussions to play automaticallyPresence Status message. Add a quick note to be displayed in everyone's contact book when you are away. Let others know when you are busy, not to disturb you unnecessarily, let them see when you will be back.Offline callback messages. Send a message to someone who is busy or away, to be delivered and shown on their return, and for them to call you back.Taskbar quick-access menu. Change your status, or start messaging with your frequent contacts by right-clicking the taskbar iconSharePoint online presence. See statuses next to names, start messaging with a click from "smart tags" compatible web and office applications, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 and Office Live. Most browser-based applications can easily be extended to show presence by adding "Smart Tags"to themDiscussion Logging. Discussions may be stored to text files (on the participants' computers), for later reference and to meet compliance requirementsDirectory / address book. Maintain and find up-to-date contact information for everyone, with current phone numbers and locationPhoto profiles in contacts and directory. Connect names to faces by adding photos to profiles, to show as thumbnails in address book and contactsPersonalise fonts and colours. Messages are sent and shown to others using your choice of font, colour and text effectsRequirements:TeamMessenger corporate instant messenger client. The TeamMessenger desktop messaging client works on all current versions of Windows, and may be deployed centrally, pre-configured using a deployment file for simple set-up by the user, or even installed by the users themselves by simply entering the server name during set-upWindows XP or VistaMicrosoft .net framework 3.5 (installed automatically if needed)Latest service packs and hot-fixes recommendedTeamMessenger corporate instant messaging server. The message server can usually be set up in minutes without requiring specific technical skills, even the optional user database (Microsoft SQL Express) may be downloaded and set up during the installation. Where an existing or new SQL Server database is required, the database is created automatically by the installer after entering the connection credentialsWindows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 or 2008Microsoft .net framework 3.5 (installed automatically if needed)Latest service packs and hot-fixes recommendedOptionally, SQL Server or SQL Server Express database, versions 2000 to 2008 (for user directory).WareSeeker Editor

AddWit Team Messenger 1.01 is a new messaging, ...

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