SharedSafe v.1.0.3085


SharedSafe is an advanced utility designed to turn email accounts into online file storage. With SharedSafe you can share and synchronize any number of local folders across multiple computers. SharedSafe uses an encrypted file system to store your files in Email accounts.

Choose any folder on your computer and share it with friends, colleagues and clients.
Use the power of shared folders: all changes are synchronized automatically and are instantly available to everyone.
With SharedSafe you can quickly setup a solution for file sharing, collaboration and remote file access.

Today it is common to own more Email Storage than you actually can make use of.
Many webmail providers are offering free Email. And most internet service providers are including Email as well.
With SharedSafe you can quickly setup a file sharing solution using your free Email Storage.
There is no need to sign up with a file sharing service or rent some extra online file storage.

SharedSafe enables Small Businesses to put their servers easily to new uses.
All that is required, is to setup IMAP on your server. Any compliant IMAP Server will do. Be it Microsoft Exchange Server on Windows Servers or Cyrus, Dovecot and the likes on Linux Servers.
With SharedSafe you don't have to resort to a third party to setup a file sharing solution. Reuse your IMAP Server instead.
Simply install SharedSafe on the client computers and you instantly have a file sharing solution ready which is trusted and comes at no additional monthly costs.
SharedSafes' encryption and its automatic folder synchronization also make it a better approach than FTP.

Most file sharing services advertise to apply state of the art encryption algorithms to protect your files. This is supposed to keep your data secure during transmission and also during storage on their servers.
However, what they usually do not advertise on the front page, is the fact that the keys for this encryption are stored on their servers as well.

Which of course means, such file sharing services are able to decrypt and read your files.
There are some file sharing services which promise to store the encryption keys solely on the customer's computers.
However, this is a claim you have to believe. Because the communication with their servers is encrypted, there is no way to prove your encryption keys are not uploaded as well.
SharedSafe is an altogether different story.

SharedSafe is a pure software application, it is not a file sharing service. The only servers it is connecting to, are the ones you tell it to. Because of this any attempt of transmitting encryption keys somewhere to the Internet would not go unnoticed.
In other words: while using SharedSafe you do not have to trust anyone and you remain the true and sole owner of your data. And that is the way it should be.

SharedSafe is an advanced utility designed to ...

file synchronization, email storage, share, synchronize, sync, share folder

  • SharedSafe
  • 1.0.3085
  • 13 Aug 12
  • rootloft GmbH
  • WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
  • Shareware
  • 6 Mb
  • 215
  • $35.00

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