KiBi-Share v.1.2.0


KiBi-Share is a lightweight filesharing application, designed to send and receive files in a simple and compatible way. * Quickly share files with anyone. Only one side of the transfer needs KiBi-Share installed, as the other can use their web-browser for the transfer. * Achieve problem-free transfers when your favorite instant messenger does not work properly, or is unbearingly slow. * Make a directory on your computer accessible through a web-browser, allowing you to access your files from a remote location. * Pause and resume transfers of large files over the internet.Why was KiBi-Share made?The main motivation for developing KiBi-Share was the desire to find a solution to frequent and unnecessary problems with sending and receiving files. Though most methods of online communication include file-transfer capabilities, they are often unreliable, and when a problem occurs its origin is difficult to identify. Transfers rely on connection settings at both the sending and receiving end, and often on the correct function of a middle-man server as well, introducing additional points of error, points beyond user control. In addition, transfers are often required to complete in a single session, and if a problem does occur the transfer is lost and must be restarted.Perhaps the most common scenario where these problems manifest themselves is in live communication through instant messengers. As easy as it is to communicate through chat or even web-cam, for some reason sending or receiving a file can fail to work without explanation, or take much longer time to complete than is to be expected.A common solution to the problem is to try and send the file as an e-mail attachment. Though it can work, it is often slow, and requires that the file be sent in two steps, first to the mail-server and then downloaded by the receiving person. It also suffers from the problem of having to complete the transfer in a single session, which can pose problems for large files, and there is often a limit on the file-size that can be attached to an e-mail.How does KiBi-Share solve the problems?KiBi-Share simplifies the problem, by using the same protocol as basic web-browsing, supported by every internet-capable computer. With this protocol, one end of the transfer can simply use their web-browser, and no additional configuration is required. This moves any necessary configuration completely to a single side of the transfer, and if you have KiBi-Share running on your computer, you can transfer files to anyone, without requiring any install at their end. This solves the problem once and for all, since the same solution can be used for all transfers, no matter what computer configuration is present at the other end.File-sharing in KiBi-Share is handled the same way as downloading files through your web-browser, the major benefit of which is that everyone already knows how it works, and if it works once it works every time.

KiBi-Share is a lightweight filesharing ...

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  • KiBi-Share
  • 1.2.0
  • Rufelt Software
  • WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7,Windows Vista, Windows 7 x64
  • Shareware
  • 1.64 Mb
  • 176
  • $10.00

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