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UnlimitedFTP Servlet solves the problems of using FTP in todays environment of firewalls, proxies and security concerns. It wraps FTP over HTTP or HTTPS to provide easy, simple and secure file transfer on the internet. UnlimitedFTP Servlet works in conjunction with U-Upload or UnlimitedFTP. Uses of Unlimited FTP Servlet The solution is ideal for any webmaster who wishes to provide an easy, secure way for online file transfers. UnlimitedFTP Servlet is designed with the non-technical user in mind. This is reflected in our enhanced, easy-to-use GUI of our java applets. With a few mouse clicks, end-users can easily transfer multiple files and directories to the FTP server. The look-n-feel of the applets can easily be customized through the configuration file by the webmaster. UnlimitedFTP Servlet offers the following features: * Secure: All command and data streams are sent through an HTTPS wrapper. this means that everything is encrypted while being transferred over the internet. Network sniffer comparisons. * Firewall and proxy friendly: UnlimitedFTP Servlet has the added advantage that it works through all proxy servers and firewalls without modification. Sometimes FTP clients do not work properly or are difficult to configure because the connections are blocked either by the firewall at the server side or by the proxy/firewall on the client side. UnlimitedFTP Servlet is transparent to all firewalls and proxies because it uses only HTTP or HTTPS protocols. * Compression: All data is compressed before transmission. This can result in a speed increase of up to 40% compared to standard FTP and in most cases offsets the small HTTPS overhead by a wide margin. * Bandwidth Limits: With UnlimitedFTP Servlet, you can limit how much bandwidth each connection uses. This allows for more efficient use of your server bandwidth and prevents any single client from monopolizing the available bandwidth.

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  • UnlimitedFTP Servlet
  • 1.0.7
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