QuantumFTP v.1.66


QuantumFTP is a fully featured, easy to use FTP Client for Windows. Key features offered by QuantumFTP include: Site Profiles Save your preferences for each site to save time setting options every time you connect. Resume Intererrupted Transfers If a transfer is interrupted, QuantumFTP can resume where the transfer left off, saving bandwidth and time. Transfer Queue Management Queue Management features allow you to control the order in which items are uploaded, or pause transfers half way through. Compatible with most FTP servers Features supported by a particular server are detected on connection, taking advantages of extra features where available. Both active and passive transfer modes are available. Multiple Server Support Connect to several servers simultaneously and upload or download from each one independantly. Ease of Use QuantumFTP provides a native windows interface which supports drag and drop and is easy to use and intuitive. Each server is loaded in a new tab, and icons are loaded from your system, so the interface looks similar to Windows Explorer. Proxy Server Connection SOCKS4a and SOCK5 proxy servers are supported. SSL Authentication Support. Support for both implicit and explicit FTPS, enabling SSL authentication and encrypted transfers. SFTP FTP over SSH is a protocol which allows FTP connections over SSH sessions. Anti-Idle Prevents server disconnections due to timeouts.

QuantumFTP is a fully featured, easy to use ...

  • QuantumFTP
  • 1.66
  • Lime49
  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Freeware
  • 892 Kb
  • 213
  • Free

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