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FTPGetter 3 Standard brings about a useful and automated ftp program with which you can upload or download files between ftp servers and your local or network workstation drives. This is done by using file masks, i.e. when neither exact file names, nor their numbers are known.Using this form of file batch processing lets you flexibly adjust list of files that are to be uploaded to the ftp server or downloaded from it. Built-in task scheduler will duly start the tasks that you created.Benefits:Learn FTPGetter quicklyThe main function of FTPGetter is automation of uploading and downloading operations between ftp servers and your computer. FTPGetter will be useful to those who constantly works with ftp servers - web site uploading, file exchange, uploading webcam photos to the server or synchronization of files on the server and your computer.Managing profiles of ftp serversThe main window of FTPGetter contains list of profiles of ftp servers, file exchange is performed with and a window for displaying program activity log.Using main menu or toolbar you can create new ftp server profiles, edit existing ones, review the server you are interested in using FTP Explorer, manually start performance of tasks of the chosen profile, edit program common settings.FTPGetter can perform tasks of several profiles simultaneously by virtue of multithread technology.Creation and editing of ftp server profileAll data on server you need to perform work with automatically is stored in the server profile and grouped into three sections.Connection settings - server address, user name and password, used protocol, used proxy-server settings, log file settings.FTP tasks - list of files that are necessary to be downloaded from the server to your computer or uploaded to the ftp server from your computer.FTP task scheduler will help you define schedule for performing the created tasks: what weekdays they should be performed, processing start-up and finish time.Automation Task WizardTask Wizard will help you to easily and quickly create tasks that will be performed during server profile processing. Task creation consists of four steps.Choose the necessary operation - upload or download.Choose source files. Depending on the performed operation these will be files on the server or files on your computer or network drive. You can use masks for uploading or downloading multiple files.Choose folder on the server to which the files will be uploaded or folder on your computer to which the files will be downloaded.Additional operations - comparing files by modification date, MD5 hash or size, change of modification date after successful task performance etc.FTP Explorer - comfortable navigation at ftp serverA full-featured built-in FTP Explorer is used for navigation at ftp server in FTPGetter.You will be able to comfortably navigate through ftp server when creating or editing tasks to choose files that are of interest to you. Using FTP Explorer you can browse through ftp server you are interested in from the main window of FTPGetter at any point.Using context menu you will be able to review properties of the necessary file, change file access rights on the server, rename or delete files or folders on the server, perform commands specific for the server from the command line. Support of Drag-and-Drop technology allows you to upload files and folders from Windows Explorer to ftp server using mouse. Major Features:Automate your daily FTP/SFTP upload and download tasksSave time on FTP/SFTP updates! Plan your uploads and automate the workflow. Schedule and automate file transfers with a centralized console. Let your computer move or synchronize information securely between home and office automatically according to the schedule!Automatic SynchronizationMonitor changes between the local and the remote PC and keep information up-to-date by synchronizing the contents between the two computers. FTPGetter detects new and updated files automatically, and uploads or downloads the changes according to the schedule.Scheduled FTP/SFTP Uploads and DownloadsFTPGetter automates FTP and SFTP upload and download, scheduling FTP/SFTP transfers between remote server locations and your local or network workstation. Plan your workflow and set up your schedule just once, and FTPGetter will take away the routine! Pick convenient time, choose days of week, or select monthly dates to move your data, and FTPGetter will perform the transfers reliably and on-time. The available cron-style scheduler allows creating advanced programmable schedules.File Masks and Batch ProcessingTransfer multiple files between FTP/SFTP servers and the local PC by specifying file masks. No need to guess what the file name is going to be! You can easily set only the Office documents to update, or perform scheduled updates of all PHP or HTML files by simply specifying a set of file extensions.Batch processing using the file name masks allows you to flexibly adjust the list of files to transfer. Combined with the built-in scheduler, the batch processing makes FTPGetter for a truly universal FTP/SFTP synchronization tool.Before and After the TransferAutomate FTP and SFTP transfers even further! FTPGetter can execute custom commands and entire scripts before and after the transfer. Allowing full automation of FTP/SFTP transfers, the tool can execute commands on local and remote PCs, and perform FTP commands, batch files, and scripts. The support of local and remote commands allows automatically compressing (tar+gzip), transferring, and unpacking a bunch of files and directories completely automatically.SSH File Transfer Protocol and Proxy Server SupportConnect to an FTP server directly or through a FTP, SOCKS or HTTP proxy server. FTPGetter fully supports the secure SSL/TLS protocol, allowing safely transferring private and sensitive information over the Internet without compromising security. The SFTP (SSH File transfer protocol) support ensures complete security of all file transfers.Work with any number of FTP and SFTP servers simultaneously and without delays. FTPGetter uses multithreaded processing to provide smooth multitasking experience. Requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008

FTPGetter 3 Standard brings about a ...

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