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Overview CrushFTP4 is a powerful file server well ahead of its time. Not only does it handle serving FTP, but it also does SFTP (SSH FTP), FTPS (FTP over SSL), HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, and WebDAV SSL. From that list you can see it is serious about security and encryption. The 'Crush' in CrushFTP comes from its ability to compress transfers on the fly seamlessly making for faster transfers!In about 10 clicks you can be up and running with a powerful FTP server, HTTP server, HTTPS server, and WebDAV server, with your first user created and ready to login!Use the Finder to Upload / Download / EverythingWebDAV allows you to use the OS X Finder to connect to the server and work on it as if it were another hard drive on your machine. Read, write, rename, etc. all with WebDAV. Normally the Finder is read only when using FTP, so WebDAV is a welcomed addition.Advanced Web Browser File ManagementThe built in fully customizable WebInterface allows you to present a website to customers so they can easily upload files to you, or download files from you. It has support for drag and drop uploading on the website, as well as the ability to upload folders while zipping them on the fly. It will even automatically resume a transfer should the network connection die in the middle, or the user closed their browser. This is by far the easiest way to receive uploads from your clients. This saves time and bandwidth. Or you can use the browser uploader which uses AJAX to queue up file transfers and submit them all at once. Either way, you get real-time feedback on the upload progress, speeds, and estimated time remaining... all things you can't get normally.Email NotificationsEasily setup emails to come to you when a user uploads a file. Did the user upload 50 files? Don't want 50 emails? Not a problem. CrushFTP will build one email with all 50 items listed in it... even if they used a client that logged in with 10 connections to do the uploads!ConfigureCrushFTP is easy to configure. You can drag and drop folders on a user to grant them access to the folder. The user will then only be able to access that folder. Not like OS X where they can browse around outside their home folder.Want to add SFTP to your server? Its just 5 clicks away. Click preferences.(1) Click add.(2) Enter a port for it to run on, click OK.(3) Click the SFTP server type.(4). Click OK to close the preferences.(5) literally that's how easy it is to configure things in CrushFTP. All the hard work is done for you.Tons of PluginsThe plugin support for CrushFTP allows for a whole new set of expandable features. One example allows you to make users by "creating a folder". That's all. You create a folder with a specific name, and a user with that name can then login with access to only that folder! You can't get any easier than that. Right now all plugins to CrushFTP are free. Here are just a few of the plugins :AutoUnzip (decompresses .zip files when a user uploads them)MagicDirectory (make a directory, and a user can login)WebStatistics (OS X widget to monitor your server)CrushSQL (use SQL tables to load your users from)LaunchProcess (launch external actions on uploaded files)HomeDirectory (make a user, and their home folder and permissions are created automatically)CrushLDAP (use ActiveDirectory, or LDAP to load your users from)BlockContent (only allow files with specific extensions)Preview User's AccessScared about giving users access to your computer? You can "preview" what the user will see with the user manager. You can control the access to every file or folder so there is no confusion on what a user can or can't do. Once a user has logged in, you can monitor what they are doing with the CrushFTP interface. See which directories they access, what files they download, and upload.OS X WidgetThe included CrushFTP widget allows you to monitor your server with the press of a button. See a real-time snap shop of who's connected, what files have just been accessed, a whole summary of what your server is doing.Training Videos & DocumentationFree training videos showcasing various features of CrushFTP are available on CrushFTP's homepage. Additionally, should you have questions or concerns, you have direct email access to the developer who will respond to questions very quickly.FeaturesEvents Event actions that are user customizable. They can generate emails with a list of uploads a user just made, or many various other tasks. You can customize events down to extreme detail. Events can be used to run various plugins which then perform other tasks as well(such as the LaunchProcess plugin.) Built-in Reporting There are many different reports CrushFTP comes with to monitor what your servers is doing as well as the activities of your users. It really allows you to know what is going on without trying to read through log files and pieces everything together. You can see summary views of many different areas about the server, as well as deatils such as what IP's a user has been connecting from (are they sharing their account?). Additionally the scheduling interface allows you to have CrushFTP run the reports on a pre-defined schedule however you configure them. This means you can have an HTML report always ready and waiting for you every morning for example. The schedule is very customizable and very easy to setup. WebDAV HTTP/HTTPSServer This includes SSL WebDAV serving as well.This means you can mount your CrushFTP server directly in the Finder as another drive and work off of it. The finder supports download only for FTP, but supports everything for WebDAV! SFTP Server SFTP is not FTP, but rather its own protocol inside a SSH tunnel. CrushFTP supports this too. Its not as fast as FTP, or FTPS, but sometimes its just what you need. Automatic Zipping A user can request a folder as a .zip instead of downloading each file individually. Saves bandwidth and time! The folder isn't first created to a .zip file, but its streamed to the user as CrushFTP generates the .ZIP content. No third party applications needed! With the WebInterface the user can select individual, or groups of files to have donwloaded as a single .zip file. Powerful Groupsand Inheritance Users can inherit settings from the group they belong to (default), or they can be set to inherit an individual settings from any other user or group. Cross Platform Why should a change in OS keep you from running the same server? CrushFTP supports nearly every current OS. If you can run Java 1.4 or better, then you can run CrushFTP. (MacOS X, Windows, Linux, etc.) WebStatisticsOS X Widget See a summary view from a web browser of what your server is doing, or use the included CrushFTP widget to monitor the same information! Live Graphs Realtime graphs showing select key indicators about the server. Plugins Many plugins to choose from. Support for third party plugins. See the training videos showing the MagicDirectory and HomeDirectory plugins. Shared Users The same user can be used for FTP/HTTP/WebDAV/SFTP! You'll no longer need to create users in different servers and keep their passwords synchronized. Advanced WebInterface You have full control to customize the web interface. Two different modes of generating the WebInterface allow you to pick your appropriate standards. You can use either the more compatible HTML generation mode, or the faster XSLT / XML mode. Either way, there is nothing you can't control or customize about it. From the layout to the graphics, its all yours to control.It has a built in ajax file uploader which makes file uploads from your users via the web very easy and painless!It also has a Java applet file uploader that can zip files & directories on the fly as it uploads. This makes it even easier for end users to upload! It also makes uploading files extremely fast! Normally uploading a folder with a hundred small files would take a while, but with the CrushUploader it takes a few seconds. Other Features Other features: * Complete GUI remote administration from any machine that can run CrushFTP. You can even launch the GUI from a web browser! * Multihoming support. Virtual servers for multiple IP's, or multiple ports on an IP, or both. * Resume supported on download and uploads. * Intuitive, built-in user manager for administering user and group accounts. * Built in log viewer is updated in real time as the server is running. * Directory permissions per directory. All directories can have different read/write/view/delete/resume/rename/make dir permissions/etc. * File permissions per file. All files can have different read/write/view/delete/resume/rename/etc. * Directory quotas. Every directory can have a quota applied to it, or inherit from the parent directory. * Virtual Directory support on any platform. Design your own directory structure for a user when they log in. * MacBinary III encoding on the fly when a user has turned on MacBinary (MACB E) and is downloading a file with a resource fork. Also, uploads that are MacBinary files are stored as Mac files. * Bandwidth limits on uploads per [user/group/server]. * Bandwidth limits on downloads per [user/group/server]. * Idle timeout for auto-disconnect per [user/group]. * Maximum login time allowed per [user/group]. * Maximum simultaneous logins allowed per [user/group]. * Maximum logins per IP for a [user/group]. (e.g. 100 anonymous logins, but only 2 from the same IP) * Allow/Deny IP restrictions for logins per [user/group/server]. Supports IP ranges for deny and allow. * Max download amount per [user/group] for each login session. (e.g. after 10mb's the user cannot download till they logout and then login again) * Server queuing for downloads/uploads. No other FTP server has this feature. * Day of week restrictions per [user/group/server] (e.g. Sun, Mon, Tues, etc.) * Time of day restrictions per [user/group/server] (e.g. login between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and between 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.) * Group inheriting for users, along with ability to override any part of a group setting for a particular user. * Spying on connected users. See their log, current dir, bytes sent/received, transfers speeds, login time, login IP, and estimated time left for a transfer. * Download ratio per [user/group]. Both can be temporary per session login or permanent. * Incredible server statistics, such as last login date, time, IP, current total server bandwidth usage (bytes in/out), files downloaded/uploaded, graphs for bandwidth utilization, etc. * SITE commands for remote administering from an FTP client. Each [user/group] can be limited to what commands they can issue. * All server messages are customizable, along with nearly everything else in the server. * Customizable logging options allow you to control what gets logged to both the server window and log file. * FXP protection just in case you don't want users doing FXP transfers. * Filtering of filenames for uploads, downloads, lists, and renames. * Temporary bans for users. * Hammering protection that will ban a user. * Temporary accounts that can be set to auto expire after so long, or be automatically deleted! * Users behind a router/firewall can have CrushFTP auto discover their real IP. * Log rolling allows logs to automatically be archived, or deleted. * Can listen on multiple ports.

Overview CrushFTP4 is a powerful file server ...

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