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With QIOS Pelican you send all your customers, colleagues, friends, employees, club members or another group of people the same e-mail, but with personalized content.The basic elementsYou just write one e-mail and the parts that differ per e-mail are filled in, with the correct information, all automatically. All kind of information can be merged, like a person's name, a club membership expiration date or a customer's billing information.QIOS Pelican uses two basic elements for it's job: * a Datasource The datasource contains the information about the group of people you want to send an e-mail. It contains a list with the e-mail addresses of the recipients, their names and all kind of other specific information. * an E-mail The e-mail contains your actual text message and the fields that will be replaced on a recipient's basis.Complete control and Less riskQIOS Pelican gives you complete control over your data, your recipients information and the content of the e-mail. Previewing and testing your mailing prevents errors that you would not like to reach your target recipients.Just a few stepsBetween having a list of people with additional data and sending the actual e-mail, there are just a few steps involved. To execute these steps QIOS Pelican has a clean an nicely tabbed user interface.How does it work?Five simple steps to get you going! And once you have saved your project you can use it over and over again or alter it and use it for other mailings. Your most recent projects are always at your fingertips on the My Projects tab, which helps you to find your mailings quickly and get you started right away as you run QIOS Pelican.The first stepsBelow you will find an explanation of the five steps that are involved in starting a new project. For detailed information on how to work with QIOS Pelican, please fefer to the manual. To get informed with your hands on, you might want to check out one or more of the sample projects that we have included when you install the software. Each sample project deals with specific aspects and possibilities of QIOS Pelican and shows you how simple it is. You can use and extend these sample projects as you like.Here we goStep 1: Create a datasourceIn the first step you specify where the data, that should be contained in the e-mail, resides. You probably have a list of e-mail addresses and additional data like the person's name and customer number, stored in a file or database, somewhere on your computer or network.All kinds of datasources are supported. You can attach to Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook or to plain text files. But databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL are supported as well. Furthermore you can retrieve the data directly from your Microsoft Exchange Server, via WebDAV. All kind of other datasources are supported when you use the Custom OLE DB or Custom ODBC options to attach your datasource.Step 2: Retrieve and modify the dataThe second step let you retrieve the data. This basically happens with a single click on the button. After that the data is ready to be used right away.You can preview all the data that is in the defined datasource. The grid allows you to sort your data.Optionally you can modify the data so it will meet your exact requirements. You can include or exclude recipients in your mailing with a single click. Step 3: Create the e-mail textIn the third step you define the actual e-mail text. You can incorporate the datafields you like to use in your text, by typing them in your e-mail or just by selecting them from the fields list.E-mail text can be created via the WYSIWYG design view or in the HTML view for those who like to go beyond the basic functionality of the designer. Another option is to create the e-mail just as plain text, without any styling or pictures. Step 4: Map the fields and / or transform the dataStep four let you map your datafields to your e-mail fields and makes it possible to do some intelligent custom transformation on your data.You can define the e-mail fields yourself or you can have them created automatically from your data fields.Define custom transformations on your Data fields before inserting them into the e-mail. There are a lot of options; but you can think of date formatting or adding the proper salutation to someones name. Step 5: Test and send itStep five is the final step you have to make. Here are several options to test the e-mail against the datasource.You can see what the e-mail will look like on the Preview tab and you can send a preview e-mail to one or more preselected test address. Do a complete test run on the Finish tab.A click on the Send button will send the e-mails to all the people you have selected to be included in your mailing.

With QIOS Pelican you send all your customers, ...

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