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This business email client offers complete contact management, including full contact data with appointment calendars and task lists in addition to email messages! Perform e-mail-merges and view contact email histories.Intellect is fully networkable and offers the ability to share complete databases or just one area such as a shared calendar, shared contact list, or shared mailbox. All users on a network can even use the same databases at the same time to collaborate without being locked out or requiring expensive server software. Emails sent and received, as well as Appointments on your calendar and to do items on your task list are linked back to the matching contact in your telephone book to help you keep a complete contact history of every message, meeting or telephone call, including the notes you took about each event. Powerful spam controls, including Bayesian learning filters (and a special filter to block spammers crafting messages just to avoid Bayesian blocking).POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols supported including SPA, SSL and STARTTLS for secured connections.Intellect can also be installed on and synchronized with a USB portable flash drive for working away from your normal PC. Print mailing address labels, calendars, address books, fax and web applications, mail-merge with Word and much more. Support for Palm, Windows Mobile (Pocket PCs and Smartphones) and BlackBerry devices is available. Much more information on the new features, including screen shots, is available on the Chaos Software web site. What makes Intellect different? 1. Intellect shows you which email messages come from people you know! In your inbox, look for the messages with a business card icon in the first column. These are the messages coming from people in your contact list, easy to pick out from the rest of the noise! 2. Intellect has email histories for contacts! Open a contact and go to the E-Mail tab at the top to see ALL of the messages you have received from or sent to this contact's email addresses! 3. For that matter, Intellect has appointment and task histories of everything else you have done for a contact, too! While in the contact details, there are also tabs for Appointments and Tasks to show your chronological history, including any notes you took on those days about those events. 4. Want your prospects and clients to feel you are in constant contact with them? Intellect offers e-mail merges with message templates you create making it easy to be personal without all the work! Even create a complete series of messages to be delivered at a scheduled interval. Intellect can do merges with Word templates, too, if you are still sending out letters the old-fashioned way! 5. Intellect has a REDIRECT button !!! Who knows why no other email program has this useful feature, but who hasn't been frustrated by the way forwarding email works? You pass along a message to the right person at your office to answer the email, and then they reply ---- to you! How did you get stuck in the middle? Because the forwarded message came from you! If you redirect the message instead of forwarding, the person who receives it will be replying back to the original sender, leaving you out of the middle! 6. Share your data on a network, even in real time or simultaneous use! You can shared just part of the data, like a common contact list, or share everything, even the email (perfect for things like info@, support@, or sales@ your company email domain). No special or expensive server software is required. Its all built into our program ready to use shared folders on your network. 7. You can put Intellect AND your data on a memory stick / flash drive to take with you when you leave your main computer! You can take your flash drive to a guest computer and access data without leaving any apparent tracks on the guest system. This even includes sending and receiving email messages! The version you run from the flash drive can then be synchronized with your main computer so that any changes and updates you make to your data in one place can be shared with both! 8. Intellect is made and supported by friendly people! While not a feature of the product itself, per se, can you remember last time you called a company for help, didn't get put on hold for forever, got a real person on the other end of the line, and that person actually knew the program you were calling about? We like our software and we are happy to assist, especially if you are new and getting started! download nowSound good so far? We invite you to see it for yourself by downloading a fully-functional trial version, or read on for a complete feature list, broken down by the normal types of users that buy Intellect.Intellect FeaturesCasual User * Advanced functionality but intuitive and actually easy to use! * Import data to get everything jumpstarted. Grab data direct from MS Outlook, or via Text CSV files, Excel Spreadsheets and MS Access Databases. * Our entire program and data files can be run from a USB flash thumb drive! * Use a USB flash drive to synchronize your data with multiple computers. * Get Calendar alert reminders even when Intellect is not open with our memory-resident alarm service. * Great spam fighting options with email from people in your contact list automatically protected! * Instantly locate all data based on a simple keyword or keyword combination. * View your data in many intuitive ways, including an all-in-one Classic screen. * Create and send full HTML email messages with inline images that can dazzle. * Live spell check on records and email messages. * Every contact has a "business card" with links to automatically dial phone numbers, visit web sites, send faxes via MS Fax, Skype dialing, and links to online map services to get directions to a client's location. * Its easy to move data and email (including account settings) from and to new computers. * Easy to use "drag and drop" nowBusiness User * Fully networkable and sharable data without the hassles. Multiple users, sharing the same data concurrently, is as easy as selecting Open Data Folder on the file menu and pointing Intellect to the same location on your network as everyone else. * Mail Merge functionality with MS Office and Open Office. * E-Mail Merge functionality with HTML and plain text email messages. * Create and Print Mailing Labels * Create and Deliver a series of scheduled email messages * Automatically links both sent and received email to your contacts. * The complete history of linked appointments, tasks and memos are available through each contact's details page so everything you need to bring yourself up to speed on a contact is at your fingertips! * A REDIRECT button for email. It has your normal forward and reply options too, but redirect passes along an email to someone else without leaving you in the middle of the conversation. * Bayesian Spam filtering can learn from your likes and dislikes to make a giant difference in the amount of spam that makes it to your inbox! * Easily save and recall standard paragraphs and blocks of HTML or Text for inserting into email messages. * Optional add-on service allows synchronization of data with geographically dispersed employees. (see * Optional add-on software available to synchronize with Palm, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry devices. * Optional add-on software to sync contacts, appointment calendar and tasks with MS nowAdvanced Power User * Simple to maintain, protect and backup data * Email messages are stored as complete EML files, making them easy to maintain, easy to export and most importantly easy to backup. * Ability to perform advanced find and replace on data fields or even to swap field values from one field with another for rearranging data. * Find and remove duplicate records. * Hotkeys galore! Many subtle but highly useable tips. * Custom Clipboard: easy to paste data (not just addresses) into other applications the way you want to see it. Essentially a mail merge to the clipboard! * Create your own email message rules to deal with spam or file messages into folders. * Foreign Language translations that are end-user customizable. Current languages available include French, Dutch, German, and Spanish. * Intellect is designed for MS Vista .... Yes, we actually love Vista!

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