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Sending Bulk Business E-Mails Just Got Easy With Advanced Mac Mailer
Effective Business Communication
In order to be very successful in this fast paced cut throat business world, you will have to have a good and effective communication system that will help you to be in touch with your clients always. Nowadays, e-mails are the most effective communication tool that is employed by many business firms to stay in constant touch with their clients as well as prospective clients. Moreover, it is cheapest and the best tool that will reach out the details of your latest products and services, special offers as well as any new schemes to your customers. Hence, a reliable and an effective software tool will be the ideal solution for you that will help your business communication to be most effective and thereby will usher in more sales to your products. One of the most effective e-mail communication software that will promptly send your personalized bulk e-mails as well as takes care of multiple lists that has umpteen numbers of subscribers in each list very easily is the Advanced Mac Mailer software.

Specialty of Advanced Mac Mailer
Advanced Mac Mailer software renders you an alternative to employ message templates with integrated domains chosen from your buyer database to impart personalized look to your contents. Advanced Mac Mailer software guarantees one hundred percent delivery rate by employing the monetary standard content delivery model of Apple Mail. Advanced Mac Mailer software sure enough betters matters drastically as it grants you to manage manifold mailing lists with limitless list of subscriber base in each list, and any amount of recipient areas employed collectively with buyer e-mail address for subject matter personalization. Whenever you employ an established e-mail client to broadcast your messages, it's a haphazard position whether or not your e-mails are in reality presented. But, with this software, you can be absolutely sure that your e-mails, no mater the amount of e-mails that you send at a go, will reach each and every person. Advanced Mac Mailer claims a load of dispatching ninety percent of most visible troubles of inconsistency and header mismatch by to the acceptable message delivery model of Apple Mail. Hence for the exterior domain, your contents appear identical from those really transmitted with Apple Mail manually. Every receiver all of the time finds a freestanding individualized message that bears all the right headers and fields completed. All receiver selective information you store in Advanced Mac Mailer software could be exported to a basic plain-text CSV data file that is backed up by large majority of different programs. You will be able to likewise import buyer data from every other program by utilizing a CSV file as an information feed or you'll be able to merely decide to draw out just e-mail addresses from any data file types.

Attractive Features
The principal feature that is offered by the Advanced Mac Mailer software is the facility to mail personalized messages to your customers and with the option to individualize the countless mass mailers that you send; you are naturally bestowing an effective personal touch to your e-mails. There are no limitations to the amount of subscribers you will be able to mail these e-mails and you also need not worry about the deliverance of the bulk personalized e-mails that you send. Moreover, the Advanced Mac Mailer software will provide you with the option of creating or producing subscription based mailing lists and this is an ideal tool that will help you to take proper care of the mailing lists as well. You will also be able to import your e-mail lists with al the personal details and will also be able to produce individualized messages while sending messages. The best part is that you can have an unlimited list of e-mail subscribers. It is an effective tool that will keep all your business prospects perfectly notified of the new products or services as well as the promos and offers that your company unleashes from time to time and this will not take lot of your time despite having innumerable number of mailing lists.

Advance Mac Mailer software will allow you to send bulk personalized e-mails to any number of clients very quickly and easily and the intuitive interface will provide the novice user with all the necessary help and support to operate the software without any glitch.

You will need to purchase the pro version of the Advanced Mac Mailer software in order to enjoy the numerous features that the software offers and the company only offers you a thirty day free trial period to work on the software.

If you are looking out for reliable and effective software that will help to send personalized bulk messages to your existing as well as prospective clients as well as proper maintenance of the list of subscribers that can be easily rearrange, change or remove whenever needed, then Advanced Mac Mailer software might be the one that you should put your money on.

Publisher's Description

Advanced Mac Mailer - Effective communications are essential for business success. It is very beneficial to keep your business contacts promptly notified of such things as new products they might be interested in, complimenting offers or other updates. Email as a communication medium presents the most lucrative opportunities. Of course, if you have hundreds or thousands of clients, it is impossible to write a personal message to every one. You must also maintain a list of subscribers changing, adding and removing them as necessary.

This becomes very hard even when you consider a list of a few thousand people. Advanced Mac Mailer certainly improves things drastically since it allows you to handle multiple lists with unlimited number of subscribers in each list, and any number of recipient fields used together with customer email address for message personalization. If you use a conventional email client to send your messages, it's a hit or miss situation whether or not your emails are actually delivered. The delivery depends on a multitude of factors some of which are within your control and some of which are out of your control. Advanced Mac Mailer takes a burden of removing 90% of most obvious problems of incompatibility and header mismatch by using the standard message delivery framework of Apple Mail.

Thus for the outer world, your messages look indistinguishable from those actually sent with Apple Mail manually. Each recipient always receives a separate personalized message that has all the proper headers and fields filled in. All recipient information you save in Advanced Mac Mailer can be exported to a standard plain-text CSV file that is supported by vast majority of other programs. You can also import customer information from all other programs by using a CSV file as a data feed or you can simply choose to extract only email addresses from any file types.

Send out personalized bulk email messages. Advanced Mac Mailer - send out personalized bulk messages and handle multiple lists with unlimited number of subscribers. It allows you to use message templates with embedded fields taken from customer database to add personalized look to messages.

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  • Advanced Mac Mailer
  • 4.252
  • 16 Apr 15
  • IM-Soft
  • Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.8
  • Shareware
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  • $97.00

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