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ReGet Pro is a fast, small and user-friendly utility that downloads files from the Internet more efficiently. ReGet Pro is the best choice for everyday Internet user with regular download needs. Unlike other download managers ReGet Pro is very easy to use and contains essential features perfecting the download process. And, best of all, it costs just $9.95*. New in ReGet Pro 3.4 * Stream protocols (MMS, RTSP) support. * FTP compression (MODE Z) support. * Downloading of huge files (over 2Gb) support. Ease of Use * Unmatched: No-quiz installation: Select your connection type and ReGet Pro will automatically tune the download settings to use your Internet connection to its fullest extent. * No-wiz installation: ReGet Pro can automatically detect and use your browser's proxy server settings. * One-click downloading: ReGet Pro works as the default download tool for all the popular browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher, Netscape Communicator 4.0 and higher, Opera 4.0 and higher, NetCaptor 6.1, NeoPlanet 5.2, MSN Explorer 6.0. * Original: Quick download of multiple files linked from the same page with the original "Download All by ReGet Pro" browser context menu command*. * Unmatched: Complete control: We've even made the toolbar in ReGet Pro fully customizable. Configure it to suit your needs! Core Features * ReGet Pro supports file download (retrieval) from both file transfer (FTP) and web (HTTP) servers. * Reliable downloads: ReGet Pro will make unlimited attempts to download the file until the download is completed. * No time is wasted: ReGet Pro resumes broken downloads from where they left off from both HTTP and FTP servers. It saves you time as you don't have to download again what you already have on your hard-drive! * Unmatched: Advanced browser integration system allows ReGet Pro to intercept and process all types of links, including forms and redirection scripts. * Local network support: ReGet Pro supports all popular proxy servers so you can use it in a corporate network. * Unmatched: ReGet Pro supports not only basic proxy authentication, but also NT challenge/response (NTLM). Fastest Downloads, Best Download Experience * Unmatched: 3-5 times speed improvement: with ReGet Pro feature to split the files being downloaded in sections and download all the sections at the same time. That is from 300% to 500% improvement! * Original: Easy browsing while downloading: ReGet Pro can detect browser activity and automatically lower its traffic usage if the browser transfers data*, giving you the ability to browse the Internet without interrupting your downloads. * Original: Built-in MSIE Spy - the program for monitoring browser activity. Watch the real URLs of all the files downloaded by the browser, otherwise invisible to the user, such as graphics, scripts, banners, buttons including CSS and javascript files, etc.*. * No slowdown: if one particular download slows down, ReGet Pro can reconnect to a server, giving a jump start to your download. * Heaven for modem users: ReGet Pro has built-in dial-up integration. You don't have to run a lot of programs to download just one file. ReGet Pro can dial up to your ISP, download files and hang up when the download is finished. Advanced Features * Unmatched: ReGet Pro provides extensive logging of every download attempt and every program action, whether it was successful or failed. * Unmatched: Use macros to automatically create folders named according to the extensions of downloaded files, date of downloading or name of the destination server. * For Microsoft Internet Explorer and browsers based on it only. Six good reason to give ReGet Pro a FREE try: * High speed: ReGet Pro dramatically accelerates your downloads (up to 3-5 times) by splitting file to sections and downloading these sections simultaneously. * Resumption of broken downloads: if your download gets interrupted, ReGet Pro can automatically reconnect to the Internet and proceed downloading from where it left off. This feature also allows you to pause downloading and continue later. * Ease-of-use: ReGet Pro has an intuitive user-friendly interface. Moreover, you can fully customize it to fit your needs. * One-click downloading: ReGet Pro seamlessly integrates with all popular browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, MSN Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla. * Download queue: if you do not want to download all the files simultaneously, you may set some of them for later downloading. Queued download can be started automatically when the previous download is finished or manually at any time you want. * Download log: if you have a problem with any particular download, ReGet Pro lets you know what exactly happened in a plain language (you do not need to learn all those Internet errors codes).

ReGet Pro is a fast, small and user-friendly ...

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  • WinXP, Win2003, Win Vista
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