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Got a scanner and a modem? Save yourself the cost of a fax machine. Send and receive your faxes with Fax Machine. Here is how it works: insert a document in your scanner, start Fax Machine, click Scan a page (several times if you want to send a multi-page fax), click Send Fax, fill in the recipient telephone number and off it goes. That's all!Fax Machine contains a printer driver, which lets you "print" to Fax Machine from any Windows application that supports printing.Other features that make Fax Machine stand out: * Distinctive Ring support, even on Windows XP/Vista systems * Can forward received faxes by e-mail, even automatically right after the fax is received * Can print received faxes automatically right after the fax is received * Can print log of sent and received faxes, or save these logs to a text file * Can be set to start when Windows starts * You can specify what printer to use to print send confirmations and received faxes. * Contains a junk fax filter, to set apart faxes received from known junk senders. * Is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Choose your language when installing the application.Try Fax Machine for free and see for yourself how it works. Click here to download a 30 day trial version. Fax Machine is shareware.Program details: * Fax Machine contains a printer driver, which lets you "print" to Fax Machine from any Windows application that supports printing. * Of course Fax Machine can not only send faxes, but also receive them. It can even forward received faxes by email. * Fax Machine supports the Distinctive Ring feature, even on Windows XP/Vista machines! Requirements: * A Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Vista-64 system. Windows 95/98/ME is not supported! * A scanner that complies with the TWAIN standard (most scanners do). * A class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem. This must be a genuine analog fax modem, with the approriate driver software installed for your Windows version. What about cable, ADSL or ISDN? Many users don't realize that faxing is a function that can only use analog (voice) phone lines and analog fax modems. Accordingly, no fax software will function with cable modems or ADSL lines. With some ADSL connections however you can obtain a ADSL line filter (also known as splitter), that splits the ADSL connection in a line that carries the voice signal (for your hand phone) and a line that carries the broadband signal (for your computer), and you can then connect an analog fax modem to the line that carries the voice signal. If you don't have an analog modem or an analog phone line, you can't use Fax Machine. How to upgrade: * Make sure Fax Machine doesn't run. * Uninstall the application. * Download, install and run the new version. All settings will be picked up by the new version. If the new version asks for a registration number just use the number you already have. * Upgrades are free for registered users. Version history:Version 4.32: * Fixed bug: Pop up "Waiting for fax" was visible in some situations where it shouldn't be.

Got a scanner and a modem? Save yourself the ...

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