NetSource v.1.0.0


NetSource 1.0.0 is considered as an easy to use, high performance cross between a web browser and an internet director which is a unique tool that brings the best resources of the Internet to your Macintosh in a powerful, feature-filled, and customizable application.It was designed in mind for those who want a central location to find the best of the Internet without jumping from site to site, or using dozens of other applications to get what they need. To do this, it is divided into 5 clusters: Current events, which contains news headlines, stock info., weather info., and sports scores. Media resources which obtain software updates, internet streams, and has a multimedia search engine which gets you any type of image, video, or music and sound file. Online utilities, which include a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and a language translator. Personal interest, which gives you a fact of the day, daily historical data, horoscope info., and a searchable quotes guide. And finally, the last cluster is miscellaneous tools, which you can use to build your own powerful summarizers and sources into NetSource.

NetSource 1.0.0 is considered as an easy to ...

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