YahRooLS v.4.0


YahRools is a small application (200 KB) that allows users to see, access and search all the yahoo rooms worldwide. Yahoo Messenger only lists the rooms available on the server that is preprogrammed into the local version. That means, that if you have an english version you cannot see the rooms on the french, spanish or german servers. Non-english speaking Yahoo Users who have downloaded the US Messenger suddenly find themselves unable to access their local rooms, as they are logged into the US server. The workaround is to type /join roomname in the text box. The problem is: How do you find out the name of the room? This is where YahRools! comes in. It allows you to access all the Yahoo servers and lists all the rooms - public and user rooms. A double click on the room name of your choice, copies the (/join) command to messenger ready for you to change room

YahRools is a small application (200 KB) that ...

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  • YahRooLS
  • 4.0
  • HelpBytes.co.uk
  • Windows Not Application
  • Freeware
  • 202 Kb
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