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For SSH related tasks, SecureToken includes easy to use scp compatible application and port forward manager that can be used to transfer files or reroute normal connections through an encrypted channel.SecureToken also has an address book and fully customizable Microsoft Office XP style toolbars for managing remote sites and frequently used commands. Each entry in the address book can have different settings regarding color, font, and communication options, and can easily be placed on toolbars for quick 1-click access.Besides single-byte character sets, SecureToken can also properly handle two-byte character sets such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. It supports local printing and has the ability to capture communication data to a file. SecureToken supports ZModem, XModem and raw data file transfer, and can be used with many proxy/firewall servers. It supports general TIS type, SOCKS 4/5, and SOCKS 5 with username/password authentication.Secure Communication with SSH1/SSH2SecureToken supports both SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. By using one of these protocols, you can improve privacy and security, i.e., all communications are automatically and transparently encrypted. The following summarizes the SSH1/SSH2 features supported in SecureToken. Authentication Methods Public Key, Password, Keyboard-Interactive Ciphers For SSH version 1: Blowfish, 3DES, DESFor SSH version 2: AES, 3DES, Blowfish, CAST, ARCFour MAC(Message Authentication Code)algorithms for data integrity protection (SSH2 Only Feature) MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD160, SHA1-96, MD5-96 Supports X11 forwarding. Supports compression of all data (including forwarded X11 connections). Includes SecureCopy for UNIX scp compatible file transferring. Includes SSH Port Forward Manager(SPFM) to allow forwarding of unsecured TCP/IP connections to a remote machine over an encrypted channel. Standard Internet applications like POP can be secured with this feature. Convenient Address BarTo make a connection, simply type the server address in the address bar and press or click Connect. If you do not use any connection type prefix such as ssh:// or telnet://, the default connection type set in the Configure ¬ Options ¬ Comm. Options will be used. If you need to specify a port number for an Internet connection, append the number with a colon(:) character to the server address. For example, if you want to connect to a server whose address is on the port number 99, enter "". For Internet connections, you can also specify a login user name with an at(@) character. For example, if you enter "my_user_id@", SecureToken will use the "my_user_id" when the server requests such information. Available Connection Type Prefixes SSH ssh:// Telnet telnet:// Rlogin rlogin:// TCP/IP Direct tcp:// COM Port Direct com:// Dialup Modem (TAPI) phone:// Comprehensive Address BookSecureToken includes an Address Book for managing server addresses. Each server entry can have different settings for various aspects of the connection, i.e., you can assign different font, text/background colors, keyboard mapping scheme, communication options and etc. for each server entry. Address Book also supports creating virtual folders for categorizing or grouping server entries.Address Book entries are integrated with other features of SecureToken. You can have selected server entries listed directly on SecureToken's toolbar menu system, which enables you to access the entries without actually bringing up the Address Book window. As the toolbar system supports full customization, you can also place these selected entries anywhere on toolbars.The address bar recognizes the "Host Name" of a server entry. When you type an address in the address bar, SecureToken first looks for a matching "Host Name" in the Address Book. If an entry with the same "Host Name" is found, its configuration will be used instead of the default settings.Easy Auto Login Setup SecureToken supports auto login and its settings can easily be configured in the Address Book. In Auto Login tab, enter what SecureToken should wait for before sending your user ID and password in the Prompt edit-boxes, and the actual data in the Send edit-boxes.

For SSH related tasks, SecureToken includes ...

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