MonitorCam v.2.1


MonitorCam 2.1 is designed to be a handy and useful motion detection program which is used to set up an inexpensive home security system easily. MonitorCam can generate alarm sounds, save captured motion images and video to hard disk, send e-mail alerts with image attachments and upload images and videos to an FTP server when motion is detected.Version 2.0 provides new functionality such as saving video from the Web camera to disk as AVI files in addition to image files, uploading images or videos to a remote FTP site whenever motion is detected, new functionality for generating time-lapse videos, and starting MonitorCam in the system tray. Apart from the new functionality, this new version of MonitorCam offers improved motion detection, better error reporting and an improved configuration section.MonitorCam uses a webcamera connected to the USB port of your computer and performs motion detection on the captured video stream. You can configure MonitorCam to set its detection sensitivity level, to tell it what amount of motion should be considered to be an intrusion event and to generate alarms. MonitorCam has the ability to generate audible alarm sounds when significant motion is detected, to capture images on disc, and to send e-mail alerts with image attachments. In this way, even if in the worst case your computer gets stolen, you will have captured the entire event and have it sent to your email account.

MonitorCam 2.1 is designed to be a handy and ...

  • MonitorCam
  • 2.1
  • Lightning Cube Software
  • Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows XP, Window
  • Trial
  • 7.2 Mb
  • 220
  • $14.99

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