Mess Patch v.8.1.0178


General Options: 1.Enable Polygamy, 2.Remove Billing Information Menus ? 3.Enable Winamp Support For Now Playing Feature ? 4.Swap Now Playing Title And Artist ? 5.Distinguish Idle From Away Users (English Only), 6.Disable Spaces Integration In Contact Cards ? 7.Enable Multi-line Nicknames (English Only), 8.Add Sign-In Status In Systray Menu (English Only), 9.Remove Text Advertisement From Shared Folders Window, 10.Remove Display Pictures From Popup Toasts, 11.Hide My Sharing Folders From My Computer ? 12.View Full Display Pictures In Contact Cards ?br> Main Window Options: 1.Remove Windows Live Logo, 2.Remove Messenger Title, 3.Add Always On Top Button, 4.Translucent Dashboard ? 5.Remove Display Picture In Sign-In Window ? 6.Allow Status Change When Signing In ? 7.Remove Bottom Links In Sign-In Window ? 8.Remove Windows Live ID Branding ? 9.Switch Tabs To Right Side ? 10.Open Display Picture Dialog Upon DP Click ? 11.Remove Display Picture In Contact List, 12.Boost Personal Messages To 500 Characters, 13.Remove E-Mail Button, 14.Remove Sharing Folders Button, 15.Remove My Space Button, 16.Remove Windows Live Today Button, 17.Remove Call Button, 18.Remove Colorize Button, 19.Add Sign-Out Button In Upper Panel ? 20.Add Personal Settings Button In Upper Panel ? 21.Add CustoMess Button In Upper Panel ? 22.Move Add Contact Button To Upper Panel ? 23.Remove Add Contact Button, 24.Remove Sort Contacts Button, 25.Move Contacts Manager Bar To Bottom, 26.Remove Contacts Manager Bar, 27.Remove Yellow Infobar, 28.Remove Gleams, 29.Remove Emoticons From Contact Names, 30.Remove Emoticons From Personal Messages ? 31.Show Contact Status In Contact List ? 32.Hide Personal Messages In Contact List, 33.Disable Song Links ? 34.Remove Advertisement Banner, 35.Remove MSN Search Bar, 36.Remove Mobile Button

General Options: 1.Enable Polygamy, 2.Remove ...

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  • Mess Patch
  • 8.1.0178
  • mess media
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98
  • Freeware
  • 250 Kb
  • 163
  • Free

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