Lanslim v.1.6.0


As detailed on the header, the sofware name "LANSLIM" is an acronym for "Local Area Network ServerLess Instant Messaging ". This acronym has two goals : * It summarise the main functionality of the software * It was unknown by most of the Internet search enginesIndeed, I decided to develop this software because we were not allowed to use popular chat solution at work. Communication between team members were by the fact limited to the phone calls. This solution occured some stress inside the office moreover when office is big and I don't talk about group's chat what requires meeting room not to disturb other room mates.The occasion was then found for me to practice Swing with a practical application and public.The technical requirements were simple : * No broadcast or multicast network layer * No server * Minimal traffic on network * Try to match the ergonomy and functionalities of popular solutionThe network layer is then based on UDP unicast communications between each users (P2P).The absence of server ease the deployement since every one is independant and it guarantees the absence of superuser that could abuse of communication logs.So be careful that your network devices and configuration are safe and spyless (logless).Features : * Simple or group chat * Invittaion/Exclusion facility * Parralel chats in a multi-tab frame * Formatted text and smileys * Hyperlink listener * Profile adapted to local area network moves * Contact Import/Export facility * Cut/Paste support * File transfer * State/Mood publication * Customizable Notifications (bubble, blink, sounds)

As detailed on the header, the sofware name ... The sofware name "LANSLIM" is an acronym for "Local Area Network ServerLess Instant Messaging ".

communication, configuration, devices, match, traffic, quot

  • Lanslim
  • 1.6.0
  • Olivier Mourez
  • Win All
  • Freeware
  • 5.26 Mb
  • 253
  • Free

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