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Adore Softphone, a kind of PC-to-Phone and PC-to-PC service tool,enables an user to communicate with any types of phone and computer through the internet such as: desktops, notebooks, PDAs, stand-alone IP-phones and even with any conventional landline and mobile phones. The program supports SIP industry standards and can run properly with most major Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) and VOIP.Premium features:4 Lines,Call Recording,Hold / Unhold ,Transfer (Xfer),DND (Do not Disturb),Redial,Mute,Auto accept call,NAT/Firewall supportSTUN server Support ,ICE Support,Debug Mode (SIP message log),Codec Supported,G729, G711 u, G711 a, G722, GSM, iLbc, Speex/ 8000, Speex/16000 , Speex / 32000,Codec selection and Codec Quality Control (Bandwidth control),Silence Suppression,Echo CancellationUses NEW RFC 3261 compliant stack,DTMF (RFC 2833),RFC 3951: Internet Low Bit Rate Codec (iLBC),Proxy Settings,Registration TimeoutAcoustic Echo Cancellation,Packet concealing,Packet Lost Concealment (PLC),Comfort Noise Generator (CNG),Resampling,Balance DisplayCredit time display. Basic features:Customized skin interfaces2.

Adore Softphone, a kind of PC-to-Phone and ...

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