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More than just chat room software, DigiChat transforms static Web pages into thriving online destinations.'Build it and they will come' is an adage that no longer holds true, especially as it relates to your online community. Merely posting a Web site does not constitute a community, however, many Web site owners still follow this outdated blueprint.A vibrant online community has a direct and measured effect on the success or failure of any Web presence. As a leader in the industry, we have witnessed various uses of the DigiChat product. Clients have successfully used DigiChat to build thriving online communities, host auditorium-style chat events and conduct online meetings. If you would like to learn more about these popular applications of DigiChat, please visit our Solutions Page. Moderated EventsInvite your visitors to interact with a guest speaker while maintaining control through sophisticated tools for event management. New InterfaceFriendly, intuitive and functional, DigiChat's GUI includes many new features while staying true to our legendary simplicity and appeal Plug-in SupportDigiChat now permits you to build your own plug-ins and mini-apps tailored to your needs. Make your DigiChat YOUR chat! BOT SupportBOTs can extend the capability of the core product...a Weather BOT for example could report conditions to people in the chat. File TransferShare virtually any document, image, sound or video through DigiChat. Choose the recipient, and any file on your computer! Database SupportDigiChat supports a unified login from any membership or database system, whether off the shelf or custom developed. Uptime Guarantee (SLA)We're so confident in the quality of our software and service that we back it up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee (SLA).Full Feature SetDigiChat v5.1 is the ideal Java chat software solution for the Web administrator wanting to incorporate a real-time communication element to their site. One of the increasingly popular reasons for DigiChat's success, is the level of polish and care taken in creating a simple but appealing interface.

More than just chat room software, DigiChat ...

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