Bopup Messenger for Android v.1.5.6


This corporate messenger app allows to exchange secure messages and communicate instantly with users connected to the same communication server software from mobile and desktop-based messaging clients. Instant messaging is strongly encrypted and archived on the IM server which is privately hosted and provided as a stand-alone application. Encryption is based on Diffie-Hellmann key exchange to generate public/private keys and all data is encoded using CAST-128 algorithm. Supported features include user presence status, personal and group chat, offline messaging.

Bopup Messenger is primarily designed for business and enterprise use, it allows companies and offices to have their own private and fully managed secure IM network. Instant messaging is organized via in-house IM server named Bopup Communication Server that must be running on a customer's environment. It accepts users connected from Windows desktop and mobile applications, and offers history logging, management of users and messaging groups, scheduled IM for automated and urgent notification of users.

This IM client application can be easily and quickly evaluated using a shared instance of the communication server running on address. Visit website for more information about test user accounts needed to sign in.

Secure text chat via a private IM server. This app allows to exchange messages and communicate with users connected to the same communication server software from mobile and desktop-based messaging clients. Instant messaging is strongly encrypted and logged on the self-hosted IM server.

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  • Bopup Messenger for Android
  • 1.5.6
  • 25 Feb 19
  • B Labs
  • Android
  • Shareware
  • 1.32 Mb
  • 1399
  • $9.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
1.5.6 25.02.2019 Improved support of displaying messages in non-English text when English language is used by default in the phone.
1.3.2 09.05.2018 Added function for search users within Contact List and add/remove contacts dialog. A huge amount of improvements and minor bugfixes.
1.1.1 21.11.2017 Typing event in the conversation dialog shows a recipient name.
1.1.0 04.10.2017 Fixed issues with lost of connectivity to IM server when the app goes to background. Fixed playing sound on receipt of new messages. Many fixes and improvements.
1.0.15 06.09.2016 Small fixes.
1.0.12 18.01.2016 Added support for high density (xxxhdpi) screens. Added Contact List icon notifications on unread (new) messages.
1.0.7 18.01.2015 Added localization to Spanish language. Added option to automatically launch the app on system startup. Added option to automatically show incoming message (conversation) on it's reception. Added sound alert and vibrate notification on a receipt of messages. Many fixed and improvements.
1.0.6 28.09.2014 Added support for a notification when the Instant Messaging Server disconnects the messenger app if another user enters to the IM network under the same account name. Small improvements.
1.0.5 22.06.2014 Incoming messages now show initial sending date/time if they were sent as offline messages. Fixed sending of messages that contains text in non-English language. Fixed issues with update of the app interface when a device changes it's orientation. Other fixes and improvements.
1.0.1 05.05.2014 Changed launch and all other icons in the app. Changed colors to mark personal, group, news and urgent messages. Fixed small issues and bugs.

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