BlaizChat Proxy Server by Blaiz Enterpri v.1.00.1033


Provide internet access to all your intranet BlaizChat users with ease. Variable throttle control for stable network loads, fully automatic operation requiring no user intervention or maintenance. Free to use with throttle rates of 5..30 msg/sec (300..1,800 msg/min). Higher throttle rates requires a license to be purchased. Program Features: * Support for a total of 10,000 local users * Utilises UDP protocol for lightweight network loads * Supports many users, over many groups, over many networks (intranet / internet), simultaneously * Seamless intranet / internet User Address translation - use your companys domain name as your address even within your local network (e.g. * Variable traffic throttle of 5..500 msg/sec (300..30,000 msg/min) - 5..30 is free, 31..500 requires licensing * Answer BlaizChat client Public Address requests - reply with your companys specific domain name or static IP address * Answer BlaizChat client TestUser messages - reply with your companys custom message. Used by BlaizChat clients to ensure a good communications link to the internet. * Multiple traffic log recording options: 1. none / 2. brief (message traffic only) / 3. full (message and maintenance traffic). Additional Banned Log and Traffic Information overview files are also recorded. * Built-in UDP Server with inbound/outbound data queues for burst load handling * Occupies UDP communication port 17000 for local (intranet) / public (internet) message and maintenance traffic * Occupies UDP communication port 16999 for local (machine only) based awareness - any BlaizChat clients running on same machine automatically relinquish port 17000 * Server information panel (Status ) Server) - detailed statistics and information * Users information panel (Status ) Users) - list of active local BlaizChat users, group name and signal information * Proxy Address (UDP) option * Portable * No Installation

Provide internet access to all your intranet ...

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  • BlaizChat Proxy Server by Blaiz Enterpri
  • 1.00.1033
  • Blaiz Enterprises
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 590 Kb
  • 305
  • $50.00

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