Stay-Open Menu v.1.5.6


Stay-Open Menu is a extension created for Firefox?’A® which facilitates opening multiple tabs from the Bookmarks Menu and various other bookmark/history/tab related dropdown menus. It keeps the menu open when middle-clicking (optionally ctrl-clicking) and is especially handy for RSS feed (Live Bookmark) items.Usage Notes * Middle-clicking each bookmarked item in the Bookmarks Menu will open it in a tab, while leaving the menu open for further selections. (Left-click the desired menu to open it, find the items you wish to open, then middle-click each desired item to open it in a tab.) If you are using Stay-Open Menu 1.5 and have turned on the autoclosing option, just move the mouse away from the menu when you are done making selections. Otherwise, click somewhere outside the menu (or press ESC) to close the menu. * Also works in the same way with the Bookmarks Toolbar and the History Menu. * Middle-clicking a bookmarks folder will open all contained bookmarks in tabs and leave the menu open. * Middle-clicking "Open All in Tabs" and "Open (Feed Name)" also leave the menu open. * Also works on the Smart Location Bar (aka awesomebar) dropdown list (Added in version 1.4) * Option to use Ctrl-click (Meta-click on Mac) in addition to middle-click (see below). Handy for laptop computers and those who have set their middle-mouse button system-wide to another function instead of the default 'middle-click'. (Added in version 1.4) * Option to automatically close when mouse moves off menu, after any stay-open click.Also great for when you only wanted to middle-click one item! (Added in version 1.5) * Works with Toolbar Buttons Bookmarks Menu Button (Added in version 1.5), Toolbar Buttons "Toolbar Bookmark Menu" (Added in version 1.5.4) and Bookmarks Menu Tool Button (Added in version 1.5.4) * Option to keep menu open with left-click. (Ctrl-click must be enabled in order to enable left-click.) The left-click option is mainly intended for when another extension is being used to cause bookmarks to open new tabs. (Extensions with this option include Tab Mix Plus and Tab Kit.) Otherwise, the left-clicked items overwrite each other in the same tab, not usually the desired behavior. For this reason, (non-Ctrl) left-clicking does not cause the Smart Location Bar dropdown to stay open. (Added in version 1.5.2) * New! Added in version 1.5.3: 'All tabs' Menu stays open when middle-clicking items. * New! Added in version 1.5.3: Option to keep menu open for multiple selections on the 'Permissions' subitem added by Tab Mix Plus (TMP) to the tab contextmenu (only applicable if TMP is installed and its 'Permissions' option is enabled). Enable via Tools > Add-ons > Stay-Open Menu > Options. Left-click TMP's permissions items to use feature. * New! Added in version 1.5.4: Option to redisplay the menu after using 'right-click > Properties' on a bookmark to view/edit it's properties. Enable via Tools > Add-ons > Extensions Tab > Stay-Open Menu > Options. * New! Added in version 1.5.4 (Window/Linux only): Option to remove 'Subscribe to This Page' items from the Bookmarks Menu. (Workaround for bug when used with Firefox versions prior to 3.7.) When enabled, pages can still be subscribed to, by clicking the orange RSS icon in the address bar. (Mac users will need to wait for Firefox 3.7 where bug no longer occurs.) * The Bookmarks Sidebar stays open by default even without this extension, but I prefer the Bookmarks Menu because I like the way the folders automatically open when hovered.

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  • Stay-Open Menu
  • 1.5.6
  • Tawny Hoover
  • Linux
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