Slickerfox v.1.4.2


Slickerfox is a nice and fast Firefox theme.Slicker - Prettier is always better... right?Simpler - Taking the clutter out of complicated icons takes the confusion out of browsing.Smaller - Large icons with less wasted space between them maximizes your work area.Flatter - Flat shapes with single symbolic colors makes recognizing icons more intuitive.Fuller - A standardized approach to designing all of the icons throughout the browser enhances it's professional appearance... and one theme for all versions of FF 3 makes testing more fun!Foxier - Icon designs and colors that recall and update previous Firefox versions gives true visual product identity.Simplicity and intuitive control is the overall goal of Slickerfox. I have tried to merge ideas from previous versions of Firefox with new ideas from 3.0 in a new way, while purposefully avoiding designs that recall other browsers in order to preserve product identity. I began working on the icon designs for Slickerfox shortly after the release of 3.0 in mid 2008 after being disappointed in the heavy use of Microsoftian designs. Basically, Slickerfox aims to look and feel like a native theme.In BIG BIG news, I just finished building a version of Slickerfox that will work on Firefox 3.0 and Firefox 3.1b/3.5b as well. With Slickerfox v1.1 you will be able to switch between browsers without changing your theme, and you will be ready for the official release of Firefox 3.5 this summer!

Slickerfox is a nice and fast Firefox ... Slicker simpler smaller flatter fuller foxier.

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