QuickFolders (Folder Tabs) v.1.9.5


QuickFolders (Folder Tabs) is a Thunderbird extension that adds an extra toolbar. When you drag a mail folder to it, you get a (rename-able) shortcut to that mail folder. This supports full drag and drop, like the corresponding folder in the folder tree - You can drag messages on it to move/copy them to the folder, and access the bookmarked folders through keyboard shortcuts.This is handy when you have a large tree of folders for clients or projects, but use only a few of them at the same time.The Category feature adds more usability by adding distinct areas to work in; this can make it easier to focus on a task that needs just a subset of the folders visible. You can also have everything visible with the new "Multiple Line" view.The latest version (1.8.2) supports Thunderbird 3's new Smart Folders and also Newsgroups!How to Install in Thunderbird:1. Right-click the link below and choose "Save Link As..." to download and save the file to your hard disk.2. In Mozilla Thunderbird, open Add-ons from the Tools menu.3. Click the Install button, and locate/select the file you downloaded and click "OK".

QuickFolders (Folder Tabs) is a Thunderbird ...

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