BENEFITS of NETKIOSK KIOSK BROWSER. 1) RUNS IN FULL SCREEN (KIOSK MODE) on TOP of all other APLICATIONS. This means that even if someone manages to open another program on the PC NETKIOSK will run on top of the pogram making it impossible to use te program. 2) NETKIOSK Kioskbrowser is a professional custom version of Internet Explorer and therefore uses existing resources of WINDOWS XP and INTERNET EXPLORER on the kiosk PC making it reliable and secure, yet easy to use. 3) NETKIOSK kioskbrowser can be customised in any colours to suit your requirements. 4) NETKIOSK kioskbrowser runs a standard default homepage which is build in within te browser. The customer therefore can not change this homepage at all. Even if the default Internet explorer homepage is changed this does NOT effect the homepage of NETKIOSK. 5) NETKIOSK kiosk browser has only a limited number of buttons. The customer has no access what so ever to change browser settings. NETKIOSK offers extreme security for use on public internet terminals or other PCs where security is a must. 6) NETKIOSK KIOSK BROWSER can only be closed with the build in administrator username and password. The admin username and password are unique for each custom version of NETKIOSK KIOSK BROWSER.


  • 1.0
  • Windows XP
  • Shareware
  • 252 Kb
  • 296
  • $49.00


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