FoxGuide v.1.4


foxGuide is a firefox extension that displays horizontal and vertical guides. Guides will appear as thin lines that float over the webpage.You can move or remove them just the way you do it photoshop. Guides are useful for laying out elements symmetrically, structure a design and improving the overall layout.FeaturesMake guides just onceWhen you make a grid of guides for a webpage, those guides will stay forever for that page.Whether you close the tab or restart your browser, the guide structure you created, will be restored back when you switch on the addon. Don't worry you can remove them too.Rulers long enoughWith rulers 10,000px long you'll never fall short of it. Whether your website is long vertically or spans horizontally, foxGuide will always be helpful.Lots of OptionsYou can change the transparency of the ruler so that the content doesn't get covered up. Also you can change the color of the guides depending upon the color scheme of your webpage.Remove Guides For A PageIf you have created guides for a website or webpage and you want to remove them altogether, then you can right click anywhere on the document and choose foxguide and click on the "Reset Guides" option. All the guides for that page will be removed. Once you remove all the guides you cannot get them back.Fix Rulers To The ScreenIf a webpage is long vertically then you may need to fix the top ruler to the screen. And similarly for a horizontally long website you can fix the left ruler from the option panel.Show/Hide OptionsIf you wish to hide the options panel, which is by default shown at the bottom right corner. You can hide by right clicking anywhere on the page then under FoxGuide menu you can choose the Hide/Show option to hide/show it.

foxGuide is a firefox extension that displays ...

  • FoxGuide
  • 1.4
  • Meher Ranjan
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 112 Kb
  • 169
  • Free

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