Firefox for Mobile v.9.0


Take your Firefox anywhere. Firefox for Android is built on the same technology platform as Firefox for desktop computers, just optimized for browsing on a mobile device. Check out the new and improved features, known issues, and frequently-asked questions.

New Features in this release for Android:

* New initial experience: Firefox starts faster and uses less memory. Get to your home page quickly and discover browser features on the side panels.
* Higher-quality image scaling: View crisp Web pages and images with less pixelation
* Enhanced Firefox experience on large screen tablets
* Improvements to the form helper on Android
* Fresh visual style on Gingerbread OS
* Optimization for pages that use right to left layout rendering, e.g. in Hebrew and Arabic
* Touch Events for better interaction with Web pages
* IndexedDB allows Web pages to store data offline for faster access
* Automatic text hyphenation

Getting you to the web faster:

* The new first-run experience gets you directly to the home page and briefly shows you browser features in the side panels. Firefox starts up faster and uses less memory.

Creating a better web experience:

* Higher-quality image scaling (on devices with NEON-compatible processors). Smoother zooming, less pixelation, crisper display of logos, etc.
* Improvements for large-screen tablets: Optimizing Firefox for larger tablet devices, e.g. by adjusting UI elements, buttons, font size. (Phase 1)
* Better integration of Form Assistant for a smoother user experience
* Visual refresh with new Gingerbread theme for phones running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread): A fresh look for the browser to look even more beautiful on Gingerbread.
* Universal Access: Optimized rendering of pages that use RTL layout (languages like Arabic, Hebrew) (see bug 634386)

Important improvements 'under the hood' and new technology features:

* Touch Events (part 1 - single touch only): Expose touch events to content for better interaction with web pages and services, and improved compatibility with existing web content.
* IndexedDB database storage for web pages
* Better performance and improved memory management
* Automatic text hyphenation with the -moz-hyphens CSS property (see bug 253317)


Firefox for your mobile phone comes complete with favorite and familiar features that you enjoy on your desktop:

* The Awesome Bar searches your history, bookmarks and tags to go to your favorite sites instantly
* Share your Firefox preferences, history, and bookmarks between your desktop and mobile
* Add-ons to make your browser your own
* Tabs that let you browse multiple sites at once
* One-touch bookmarking to quickly organize websites
* And more...

Benefits for Developers:

* Put your innovations in the hands of people all over the world to access anytime, anywhere
* Build rich mobile applications using the latest Web technology like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
* Tap into the device capabilities of the phone, such as geolocation, camera and calling
* Develop game changing add-ons on the first mobile Web browser to offer add-ons

Take your Firefox anywhere. Firefox for ...

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  • Firefox for Mobile
  • 9.0
  • 24 May 12
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 6, Pocket PC, Android, Handheld, Mobile Other
  • Freeware
  • 13 Mb
  • 420
  • Free

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