AxY FTP v.0.5.1


AxY FTP is a Gtk based FTP client. AxY FTP can be build with either Motif or GTK+ 1.0/1.2 for interface. Lesstif is also supported. ./configure make make install (or make install-strip) Name of the executable is "axyftp". You may want to run "./configure --help" first to learn about all available options. One of the most important are: --with-gui=GUI where GUI is either motif or gtk. By default, configure script first searches for Motif installation and, if not found, for GTK. --with-help=DIR where DIR is a directory you want to have help files installed into. Please not that if you are building Motif version, CDE DtWidget library is needed. Pretty workable clone is supplied with the distribution in case you dont have one installed. Also, XmAxy library containing Notebook and enhanced List Motif-based widgets is also supplied. Libraries are not installed by default. Use "./configure --enable-install-dt --enable-install-xmaxy" to install them. Also, you may find various AxY FTP logo icons in XPM format in icons/ subdirectory.

AxY FTP is a Gtk based FTP client. AxY FTP can ...

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