SpamSit v.2.2.0


SpamSit is the occupy spam protest tool. You may choose to protest with a cyber sit-in at the websites that are advertised through spam. You may also choose to protest scam spam by responding with randomly generated email. Unlike a spam filter, SpamSit is unique in providing you the information and tools you need to protest the spam you receive. Your protest along with the protest of thousands can disrupt the spammer economy and end spam.

SpamSit will gather the spam you receive from your IMAP hosts such as Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. SpamSit can also gather spam from your email clients such as Thunderbird, Windows Mail and Outlook. When you run a new batch SpamSit will load the spam from your sources into a database and extract all URL's from the spam you receive and then trace the URL to the final web host. Optionally, the program will then perform a domain block list look-up on all the domains found. You will then be presented with a list of domain/ips from which to select the web hosts you wish to protest. Your selections will be remembered so you only need to select once.

The protest itself is a simple sit-in in which you connect with the host and hold the connection for a random amount of time. Because web hosts can only provide a limited number of simultaneous connections, if enough people receive spam for that host, and protest, no other connections can get through. The occupy spam protest focuses on the web hosts the spammers depend on for their income. If you interrupt the spammer economy, spam stops.

The program also generates a list of possible scam emails. These are the ones offering you outrageous sums of money for whatever reason. If you chose to protest this spam you can send a randomly generated email response. If the scammers receive too many protest emails they may not be able to find the responses from the suckers that might pay them.

Your protest alone will not cause any harm. It will not break any laws or terms of service of your isp.

The occupy spam protest tool. Windows software to protest at the websites that advertise with spam. You choose who to protest. SpamSit gives you the needed information and tools. Your protest along with the protest of thousands will disrupt the spammer economy and end spam.

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  • SpamSit
  • 2.2.0
  • 06 Jun 13
  • Kykas Corporation
  • WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8
  • Shareware
  • 29.17 Mb
  • 829
  • $18.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
2.2.0 06.06.2013 UI updates. Multible bug fixes and code refactoring. Run when windows starts option. Fix HostProtest so UI doesn't freeze. Changes to database, new database naming and and table organization. Add IP region allocation color code and map in HostDomain view.
2.1.1 28.03.2013 UI update to new batch run. Corrected an error in installer regarding placement of help and purchase files. Added ResponseHeader to top of trace results view. Added a filter.
2.1.0 03.03.2013 Updated Telerik libraries. Fixed bug in filter view. UI update in Statistics. Added registration and fixed valid license check. Purchase page now opens in default browser. Changed to 30 day trial. No new batch runs after trial ends.
2.0.5 20.01.2013 Fixed a bug in add junk source if adding new mbox(thunderbird) or eml(Windows Live Mail) source 07.01.2013 Fixed the update routine. Added shading to the side menu. Made some changes to the Domain List and IP List pages. Added updates to the Sqlite, Chilkat and MailBee libraries. UI and help updates. Changes to the Menu.

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