Internet cleaner eraser and tracks eraser history privacy Software v.9.0


Do you surf the internet a lot and need to clean up the mess left behind? Do you want to keep your private activities private, and clean your internet history, or shred existing files? If so, then this software is for you! With the Internet cleaner eraser and tracks eraser history privacy software, you can: Automatically clean your system on system startup, as well as have a secret boss key so if someone is walking by you say at nbsp; work, you can immediately clean up certain activities (maybe certain websites your boss wouldn t be pleased to see you visit :)) Protect your privacy while surfing online by easily cleaning existing cookies, so websites don t constantly track your activities (and possibly send you annoying advertisements based on your surfing patterns) Ability to quot;securely quot; delete and erase files by using file shredding technology (rewriting the file with certain bytes over and over), also supports erasing the quot;index.dat quot; files found in Microsoft Internet Explorer, plus also the ability to erase/remove the cache files of various browsers (i.e., such as MSIE and firefox) Ability to quot;automate quot; scheduling of certain activities to remove your tracks from the internet Ability to automatically shut down windows immediately with a boss key, or close/minimize certain windows Support for additional plugins (i.e., for other software activities/tracks, such as recent file use history). Support for software such as various versions of Acrobat reader, Download Accelerators, Instant Messengers, and more! Add a custom file extension (file name) to the end of the converted jpgs (such as _image.jpg) Easily clean autocomplete forms left in MSIE Try out this internet eraser/tracks eraser software free now! Simply click on the download button and try it out now! Start using this software now and save yourself a lot of time, and protect your online privacy and feel good! Try out the Internet cleaner eraser and tracks eraser history privacy for f

Internet cleaner eraser and tracks eraser hi. Internet cleaner eraser and tracks eraser history privacy Software Software ...

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