The Constitution Notebook Program v.4.3


The TCN program is a Constitutional study aid for the independent minded PC user. It is produced by TCNbP Company and distributed on a freeware basis. Major features of the freeware version are: * Very faithful rendition of the Constitution * Extensive rights commentary * Interactive Search and Indexing capabilities Version 4.3 of the TCN program includes the following new features: Highly flexible resize capability, Access TCN Company website from within program itself, Doubleclick word in text of Constitution to access it, Doubleclick phrase to access related full text. Resize Capability: To take advantage of higher screen resolutions now commonly available, the TCN program can be resized in width and height. Width can be varied from about 10% smaller than previous default width to full width of screen. Height can be varied from previous default to full height of screen. You can resize TCN program at any point during its operation. The new resize cabability accommodates task bars located anywhere on your screen, and also accommodates task bars greater than one line high, or one line wide. Website Access from with TCN Program: If the TCN program can find MicroSoft Internet Explorer, it displays a Go button that takes the user directly to the US Constitution Resource Center website. Click "TCNbP Co. Website" option of the Help menu to use this feature. Doubleclicking a word: If you doubleclick a word in the text of the Constitution, you are taken directly to the first occurrence of that word. You can move among occurrences of the word using the Previous and Next buttons, OR, by clicking the Phrases F2 button. Doubleclicking a phrase: When phrases are displayed (after Phrases F2 button is clicked), you can doubleclick a phrase of interest to see it in full text. * Tutorial (use on-screen or print hard copy) * Custom selection of fonts(Windows versions only)

The TCN program is a Constitutional study aid ...

  • The Constitution Notebook Program
  • 4.3
  • TCNBP Company
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Freeware
  • 1.35 Mb
  • 145
  • Free

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