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ACSLogo 1.5 offers you a simple yet effective Logo interpreter for Mac OS X. Logo is a popular educational language used to teach simple programming by guiding the progress of a 'turtle' which moves around a graphics screen.Major Features:The Logo languageACSLogo is an implementation of the Logo language, used in teaching programming techniques.Logo is a full-featured programming language including:Arithmetical expressionsConditional and repetitive constructsDrawing functionsTrigonometric functionsList-processing functionsString-processing functionsProceduresQuartz GraphicsACSLogo uses the Quartz graphics system underlying Mac OSX. It therefore supports these advanced graphic features:Anti-aliasing of lines and fontsFonts of any available face, size, and colourA turtle with variable size, transparency, and shadowSetting the current colour to any RGB value and opacityACSLogo as Word ProcessorACSLogo uses the text-processing features built into OSX, allowing font style, weight, size, colour and alignment to be changed in the main editor windowACSLogo as CalculatorYou can type an arbitrary arithmetic expression into the main editor window and ACSLogo will calculate the result for you.Exporting Bitmap Graphics (TIFFs)The result of your drawing commands can be exported as a bitmap. This is in the standard TIFF format which can be imported into hundreds of graphic programs.Exporting Vector GraphicsAs well as bitmap graphics, graphics can be exported in vector form " these graphics are resolution independent: they can be magnified without loss of quality. Three types of vector graphics can be exported:Scalable Vector Graphics. SVGs are a new web standard - they are XML-based, so can be edited with a text-editor. Some of the more recent versions of illustration programs (such as Adobe illustrator 10) should be able to import and edit them. Shadows are preserved. For more information on SVGs, see Adobe.comEPS. EPS files can be imported into most decent illustration programs.PDF. PDFs can be viewed in Adobe Reader.Exporting MoviesQuicktime movies can be created by Snaping the graphics window at selected points. For examples, see Movie examples.SpeechYou can use the Say command to speak using the OS X speech synthesizer.MusicUse the Play command to play sequences of notes and chords. Different synthesized instruments are available.Enhancements:EnhancementsCommands can now be executed remotely via Applescript.Added the capability to use a function key to execute commands in addition to Command-Return. This is set from a pop-up menu in the Preferences Editing pane, Secondary Execute Key.Added hyperbolic functions sinh, cosh, tanh, arsinh, arcosh, artanh, and trigonometric function atan2.Added a SetWrap command which is the equivalent of turning wrap on or off in preferences. It takes a single argument, true or false.Added a DrawImage command to allow images to be drawn from a file.Added command SetClipPath which limits drawing to a given path.Bug FixesText wasn't getting output when exporting to PDF - this should be fixed.Outputting shadows to PDFs did not always work.The random function would crash when given a parameter less than 1. This should be fixed.Fixed a crash in Snow Leopard related to font commandsRequirements:Leopard (OS X 10.5) or above

ACSLogo 1.5 offers you a simple yet effective ...

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  • ACSLogo
  • 1.5
  • Alan C. Smith
  • Mac OS X PPC, Mac OS X Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 I
  • Freeware
  • 2.1 Mb
  • 205
  • Free

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