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SuperMemo 2.0 is considered to be a high-quality and intuitive learning tool that can improve the speed of your learning up to 10 - 50 times when compared with traditional methods such as flashcards. This means you can cut your total learning time down to 1/10th - 1/50th or you can learn up to 10 - 50 times more in a given time, if you use it regularly.It is an indispensable tool for all kinds of professionals, managers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students or anybody who needs to memorize facts, numbers, foreign languages, etc. SuperMemo repetition spacing algorithms have been in constant development since 1987 by Dr. Piotr Wozniak and his team of scientists specialized in research of human brain learning capabilities. This famous multi award winning software with over one million Windows copies sold worldwide is now available as a stand-alone application for your PalmOS organizer.Major Features: Learn up to 10-50 times faster compared with traditional methods such as flashcards.Indispensable tool for all kinds of professionals and students.Easy way to memorize facts, numbers, foreign languages, etc.Repetition spacing algorithms that adapt to your brain.Proven scientific method in constant development since 1987.Learn anywhere and anytime you want.Extreme portability and unique one-handed stylus-free operation.30 free sample databases available.Create your own databases on your handheld or in your favorite spreadsheet or text editor.Desktop import utility for DOS/Windows.Easy to read manual with more than 120 helpful screenshots.Huge fonts for easy viewing with up to 128 unique font combinations.Unlimited number of databases and categories beat the notorious PalmOS limit of 16 categories. Enhancements: Hi-res icons and graphicsSupport for hi-res fontsNew mini fontsText and background colorSmooth card scrollingDefault template changesCopying templatesEasier menu accessCard scrolling optionsErasing card textRestoring card textCopying cards5-way navigator supportNavigation in card view modeNavigation in testsNavigation in drillsRequirements: 79KB RAM.Palm OS 4.0 or later

SuperMemo 2.0 is considered to be a ...

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