PCB elegance v.3.5


PCB Elegance is a compact, yet professional tool capable of doing large and complex designs with ease 1.Easy to learn. 2.Unlimited Undo/Redo. 3.Zooming/panning/change grid is possible in every drawing/editing function. 4.Context sensitive help. 5.PCB elegance can handle complex designs. 6.One of the examples is a PC motherboard 7.2000+ components, 40000+ traces are no problem 8.For placing components in the layout editor, the schematic editor can be used by selecting components. 9.Gate/pin swap. 10.Usage of polygon/arc pads in geometries. 11.Generation of gerber output plots (RS274X gerber). 12.Generation of penplot files. 13.Import of gerber files. 14.Import/export DXF 15.Export PDF 16.Import/export bitmaps 17.Editing areafills/powerplanes/copper pour. 18.Upto 32 layers for traces/areafills/powerplanes. 19.Adjustment of thickness/clearance of every trace/via/pin. 20.Resolution is 10nm. 21.Auto generation of standard geometry types. 22.DIPs 23.BGA 24.PGA 25.QUAD flatpacks 26.In the schematics/symbols pinbusses can be used. 27.Flexibel use of busses. 28.Colors and keys can be modified.

PCB Elegance is a compact, yet professional ...

  • PCB elegance
  • 3.5
  • Merco electronics
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Freeware
  • 5.82 Mb
  • 422
  • Free

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