MSG Data Manager v.2.5.46


The MSG Data Manager is a Windows program that will process the files received from MSG-1. These files might be received over the Internet in the future, but today they are easily received with a Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) card installed in your PC, and a standard domestic satellite antenna, LNB, and cable. A description of my own system is here. The data manager will automatically process the files into images, and optionally delete the large amounts of source data that would otherwise accumulate. The program allows you to choose which of the twelve channels you process to images, and also allows you to keep some raw data in the processing PC should you wish. Please note that the MSG Data Manager and MSG Animator are original pieces of software developed independently by SatSignal Software, Edinburgh specifically for users such as you, and there is a lot of your input in the programs. These are not some re-branded programs originally developed by someone else. You will always get a fast response to the frequent changes made to EUMETCast data, and not be stuck waiting for the "next version".Functions : * Can work on the same PC as data reception or on a different networked PC * Automatic monitoring of the Reception PC for the presence of new files. * Automatic copying of those files from Reception PC to Processing PC * Optional deleting of raw data files on the Reception PC * Selection of which channels to process, reducing the subsequent processing and storage requirements * Processing includes both HRIT and LRIT Meteosat SEVIRI data * Processing includes both Meteosat-5 and Meteosat-7 data * Processing includes MPEF, MDD, GTS and DCP data * Decompressing of the data files coded in JPEG and Wavelet Transform formats * Data reduction from 10- and 12-bit source data to 8-bit display data * Fully calibrated 10-bit data saving (PRO version only) * Real-time thumbnail display of selected channels as data is received * Optional gamma-correction, gain and offset processing for visible channels * Temperature calibration of infra-red channels * Saving of processed data in standard image formats * Choice of PNG for full precision or JPEG for disk economy * Management of HRV region selection (offset and northern-area) * Local display of multiple detail images at full resolution * Histogram equalisation and false-colour palettes for detail images * Histogram display of 10-bit received data (PRO version only) * Management of received data - older data can be automatically deleted * Display of Admin messages sent over the data stream, also saved as text files * Copying of Sea-Ice data for further processing * Copying of [Data Channel 1] ATOVS and RSS data for further processing * Optional program priority drop when CPU-intensive operations are underway * Optional sound announcements at start and end of scan * Optional alert on data loss * Graphical display of scan progress

The MSG Data Manager is a Windows program that ...

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  • MSG Data Manager
  • 2.5.46
  • David Taylor
  • WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 2.84 Mb
  • 169

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