Fovea Pro v.3.0


Fovea Pro 3.0 is a specifically designed to provide you with a suite of 16-Bit image processing and analysis tools for Photoshop. Consisting of over 170 "plug-ins" it works with a wide variety of "Photoshop-Compatible" programs that range from free or inexpensive (e.g., NIH-Image, Paint Shop Pro) to very costly professional packages (e.g., Image Pro Plus®), and of course Adobe Photoshop 5.x through 6 on Mac and PC.

Fovea Pro 3.0 is a specifically designed to ...

  • Fovea Pro
  • 3.0
  • Reindeer Graphics
  • Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X
  • Commercial
  • 719
  • $799.95

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