EMV v.3.2.2


View, analyze and convert DICOM filesEMV is a robust, lightweight DICOM viewer, anonymizer and converter. EMV opens virtually all DICOM images and DICOMDIR files from DICOM-compliant CD-ROMs, as well as all common image formats, including JPEG, TIFF and PDF (MacOS X only).Main features: - Multilingual program interface (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) - Presentation of image sequences in freely definable grid layout - Full-screen viewing mode - User-controlled on-image presentation of patient demographics, image location, measurement scale, etc - Calibration of uncalibrated images - Support for DICOM overlays - High quality zoom (using bicubic interpolation) - Very fast handling of large sequences and DICOM CD-ROMs - Series splitting for multislice or multiphase DICOM series - Tools for adding and handling user objects (measurements, eraser rectangle, text annotations, arrows) - User selected tool scope: changes can affect only the current frame or the entire sequence - Pixel density measurements (Hounsfield units on CT) - Alternative colorizations of grayscale and color images - Batch export: frame, sequence, series, study, patient, all patients - Batch anonymize: file, sequence, series, study, patient, all patients - Batch export of DICOM header data: file, sequence, series, study, patient, all patients - Support for non-square pixels - Mask frame subtraction (useful for XA) - Printing to any installed printer System requirements: - - 24 bit color video card Version restrictions: - 30 days trial.Enhancements - Added Portuguese (Brazilian) localisation. - Fixed a crash in handling a folder containing only a folder at the top level. - Fixed a problem in dealing with the "Ignore DICOMDIR" user option in the Open dialog.

View, analyze and convert DICOM filesEMV is a ...

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  • 3.2.2
  • Escape
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
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