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It is the basic sensor data that is transmitted at reduced resolution as APT data from NOAA polar orbiting weather satellites. There is approximately ten times the resolution in HRPT data as there is in the APT data and you can see some sample HRPT images here. Don't worry, it's only a small download, not several megabytes! You don't need any kit to receive HRPT data - it is available off the Internet from the comprehensive CLASS archive (formerly called the SAA) as well as directly through EUMETCast. Les Hamilton has kindly provided a copy of his article from the GEO Quarterly on Using CLASS (formerly the SAA). I also have provided basic notes on using the SAA (also in French and German). The HRPT Reader can also read data from the FENGYUN FY1C and FY1D satellites. EUMETSAT have recently made data from the NOAA-17 and NOAA-18 satellites available via their EARS AVHRR service, and my AVHRR Manager can assemble composite pass files from the segmented data sent over EUMETCast.

It is the basic sensor data that is ... Correct HRPT Geometry is an easy to use HRPT correction application.

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