Calculator for Science Students v.3.2


Calculator for Science Students 3.2 comes as an advanced and convenient scientific calculator that calculates molecular mass. From the main calculator over 60 individual calculators can be called for specific science equations. The calculator also contains numerous science tools, measurement converters, lists of science reference data and a science glossary.The system is designed to quickly carry out calculations and find commonly used reference data. The system contains a scientific calculator that can also calculate molecular mass, and from this main calculator over 80 other calculators and science tools can be called. These include a triangle calculator, an area and volume calculator, a molar mass calculator, a % and proportion calculator, an event timer, an angle converter and a gas laws calculator. Over 60 science equation calculators can be called to solve for any variable in the equation. The system contains over 500 compounds with their molecular formula and molecular mass, over 50 constants, over 100 symbols, sets of interactive periodic tables with over 20 properties for each element, and over 1000 acronyms for science, computer hardware and software. Reference data tables can also be called for SI base units, derived quantities, Greek alphabet and Roman numerals, cations and anions, measuring devices, maths formula, number systems, atom structure, frequencies, polygons, logic operations etc.The system has interactive flow charts for electrical units, mechanical units and compound nomenclature. A glossary system contains over 480 science terms. Numerous skin combinations are available. A note pad area keeps a record of calculated results. A text pad area can be used to develop a longer calculation before cutting and pasting into the calculator. Drop down lists can also be used to write information into the text pad area. A measurement converter has over 50 categories, making it one of the most extensive available and also the easiest to use. The calculator is designed for ease of use and will readily run on desktops, laptops, notebooks and tablets.Requirements:Internet ExploreUSB

Calculator for Science Students 3.2 comes as ...

  • Calculator for Science Students
  • 3.2
  • Dot Point Learning Systems
  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Me, W
  • Freeware
  • 4.9 Mb
  • 418
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