CIRSIM2007 v.3.08


CIRSIM2007 can be used to calculate the steady state performance of circuits containing up to 100 nodes with any combination of resistors, inductors, capacitors, mutual inductors, centre-tapped transformers, transistors (bipolar and FET), op-amps and thermionic valves. The output displays the gain (in dB), phase shift and the input and output impedances of the network at any given frequency.Component and frequency values may be input using the symbols p,n,u,m,k,M,G and T as multipliers. The circuit values are stored in a text file on disk - values may be modified at any time using the program editor, extra components and nodes can be added or deleted and input and output nodes redefined. A listing of the component and node values for each circuit may be printed out.Comprehensive graph plotting facilities are also included, with the facility to superimpose amplitude / frequency response plots. Fiftytwo predefined frequency scales extending from 0.03Hz to 3GHz over a range of 1, 2, 3, 5 or 6 decades are provided together with the facility for a user defined frequency scale covering any range.CIRSIM can be used to calculate the response of any linear analogue (analog) circuit, such as audio, video, i.f and r.f. amplifiers, active and passive filters, matching networks, etc. It can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of decoupling components and the stability criteria of oscillators.Detailed documentation is included together with many circuit examples, including a transmission line, active and passive filters, various feedback amplifiers, TV IF amplifier, a cascode circuit, a gyrator, a mutually coupled tuned circuit, Quad 303 audio amplifier, Williamson valve power amplifier, a Wien bridge oscillator, a quartz crystal equivalent circuit, Baxandall audio tone control, a loudspeaker crossover network and a multiband graphic equalizer.

CIRSIM2007 can be used to calculate the steady ... A program for designing, simulating and analysing analogue electronic circuits.

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