Trooper v.2.04


For your convenience, the features we feel differentiate Trooper from our competition are marked with a . For a personal, in-depth analysis we recommen download our free evaluation version. If you have seen other web sites comparing Trooper to other software, you may want to read why they may no longer be correct. Users of previous versions will want to see whats new in this version. "...easy to use and an intuitive interface." - JP Graphical Interface Troopers interface brings a new level of ease of use to troop management software: Troopers graphical user interface is specifically designed to be powerful yet easy to use The tabbed interface allows you to quickly navigate in Trooper--just click on a tab to go right to the section you wish to use Switch to the desired member in seconds--Trooper searches as you type that persons name Use "drag & drop" when tracking attendance, ranks, merit badges, awards, training, and payments Comprehensive, context-sensitive on-line help is always just a keystroke away Date fields provide a rolling 50-year window for entering two-digit dates, and allow skips by year, month, week, and day - double-click for a popup calendar Tracking Information Trooper allows you to easily track the following information: Personal information - address, mailing address - home, work, cell, fax, and pager numbers - e-mail address - birth date, occupation, parents names, and more Advancement: ranks, merit badges, awards (including troop-specific awards), training, and Order of the Arrow Attendance, service hours, and nights of camping at any troop or patrol event Troop and patrol offices--and Trooper is flexible enough to let you add your own! Collect money for dues, events, activities, fees, and more Payments from members

For your convenience, the features we feel ...

  • Trooper
  • 2.04
  • SRT Enterprises
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Shareware
  • 5.33 Mb
  • 133
  • $59.00

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