Smart Thesaurus v.1.0


The smart thesaurus is a comprehensive lexical reference system for the English language: Access more than 145,000 related terms and 110,000 meanings, to improve your vocabulary and understanding. Animation and visualization techniques of state-of-the-art software make your journey through the English language to an extraordinary experience. The smart thesaurus is more: It is a visual brainstorming software best suited to support creative and lateral thinking by the Random Word technique - with more than 117,000 words. By getting a random word as a prompt and forcing yourself to use it to solve your problem, you are guaranteed to attack the problem from a different direction to normal. The smart thesaurus provides a random word as an initial stimulus, helps you to extract its underlying principles, and supports you to establish a bridging idea to your problem: By thinking of antonyms, meronyms, hypernyms, or hyponyms. Retrieve new aspects and extend your insights into your problem. Word Nets - Think in relationships The smart thesaurus offers a deeper and more precise understanding of the English language: Look up a certain term and then follow a trail of related words, or find your words through their lexical relationship with other words and meanings. Lexical Relationships - More than synonyms The smart thesaurus supports more than synonyms: Discover broader and narrower terms, opposite terms, related nouns and verbs, and more. Brainstorming - With more than 117,000 nouns The smart thesaurus is more than a reference system: More than 117,000 terms inspire your creative processes. Creativity and Learning - More effective through music The smart thesaurus improves your creativity and learning through the power of music: Get inspired by a genius of Bach, Beethoven or others. Through an integrated MP3 player. Simply a click away.

The smart thesaurus is a comprehensive lexical ...

  • Smart Thesaurus
  • 1.0
  • Dr. Krusche
  • Windows XP, 2000, Me
  • Shareware
  • 11.95 Mb
  • 235
  • $213.50

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