Radio PRO-2052 v.


You will have to be running Windows XP with .Net Framework 2.0 or better installed, and using Internet Explorer7 to start and run the application from the net. Setup will detect what you need and ask to install the prerequisites, but will not help with internet explorer7. To run the application from the internet only, please go to the run page If you know for sure you have the .Net Framework 2.0, and have not updated your browser to Internet Explorer7 then just download the zipfile. All the zipfile holds is two application files, and a readme.txt file that will not install anything, and will not make any registry changes. Also if you want the frequencys this radio supports download this Excel-2003 worksheet. P.S. This program will be getting updated over the next few months, so check back again to get the latest version, and please send me some feedback.

You will have to be running Windows XP with ...

  • Radio PRO-2052
  • Elmore Software
  • Windows XP
  • Freeware
  • 87 Kb
  • 172
  • Free

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